Yug Ogidni
Indigo Guy's doppelganger as he appears in Indigo Guy Legions 4: Yug Ogidni!!
Full Name Yug Ogidni
Current Age 91
Date of Birth 13 December 2991
Zodiac Sign  ??
Gender Unknown
Location Ytic Ogidni
Main Weapon(s) Nug
First Appearance Indigo Guy Legions 4: Yug Ogidni!!
Yug Ogidni is Indigo Guy's doppelganger, his colors are negative, and he has dark power, but his true form reveals Impko. He has able to dominate universes.


Legion Series

Yug Ogidni only appears in the 4th game.

Indigo Guy: Project Z.E.R.O.

Yug Ogidni appears as the second guard of Zen's castle.

And more appearances...