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My toppest game ever.

Yoyo Master is a 2D platforming game for the Nintendo DS developed by Shroobz Inc. using the Motion Pac. It's completely inovative, since nothing alike have been seen before.


Yoyo Master's controls and gameplay is what is most innovative about it. With the Control Pad's right and left you move Dan the main character. With the Motion Pak's sensor, and the Control Pad's up and down you control his yoyo. By clicking up, he uses his Yoyo that goes to the side that Dan's facing. After the yoyo's string goes to it's end, the yoyo will come back, and if you want ti to come back before, just click down. However you can move the direction of your Yoyo with the Motion Pack's sensor, by turning your DS right and left. There are some tricks though. If you just turn it normally it'll give a 180º loop to the side you turned it and if while it's giving the loop, you turn to the other side it'll go to this other side. If you give three tilts to both sides, it'll start to spin around Dan for some time, really fast. Other tricks are there. The use of the Yoyo is to defeat enemies, and even, some times to hang in something to go to the other side of a cliff.


The sprites coincidentally resemble Wario: Master of Disguise. Dan's idle pose if you stay still for a long time is to throw a smaller yoyo than the one use in the game up and down.


The 28th Yoyo Championship was happening, and Dan wins in first. He gets the Golden Yoyo as the trophy, but the Yoyo Kingcomes and steal it. Dan starts an adventure to get his trophy back.

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