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Your Yoshi's Island
Developer(s) BoulderGames inc./GamerX Inc./Jet, Inc.
Publisher(s) BoulderGames inc./GamerX Inc./Jet, Inc.
Platform(s) TBA
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included TBA

Your Yoshi's Island is crossover between PJ, Micool and Mick. Only those users can edit unless you have permission.


All of the Yoshis are relaxing on the island. Suddenly, Kamek appears. He snatches all 10 Yoshis, leaving only one Yoshi Egg. It hatches. Design your Yoshi. Then, your Yoshi goes to save the others.

Character building

Here are the things you can edit when you make your character:

  • Name
  • Color
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Stats


You are given 20 points to spend on stats, and you can spend a maxim of ten pints on each stat.

The stats are:

  • Attack: Affects how much damage your attacks do.
  • Defense: Affects how much H.P. you have.
  • Speed: when you attack in a battle.

Some things are affected by the average between two stats:

  • Attack + Speed: Affects the chance of an attack hitting.
  • Attack + Defense: Affects how much damage an enemy's attack does.
  • Defense + Speed: Affects your chance of dodging an attack.


Name/Boss/Yoshi Needing Saved

Yoshi Village/Rex/Blue

Yoshi Road/Baby Wario/Red

Yoshi Forest/Prince K. Rool/Orange

Yoshi Hill/Neville the Piranha/Purple

Yoshi Mansion/Prince Boo/Yellow

Yoshi Castle/Baby Bowser/Light Blue

Yoshi Skies/Bert the Bashful/Pink

Kamek's Castle/Kamek/Green

Hidden Caves/Swoopla the Swooper/Black

Hidden Mansion/Boobo the Great/White

Minigame Mode

After saving Green Yoshi, you unlock Minigame Mode, a Wifi area where you play as your Yoshi or the others.


Hide or Go Eat

11 Shy Guys hide, leaving you and your friends to find them. To find them, eat them. Whoever has the most in the end wins.

Fighting mode

You get to fight on Yoshi stages from the Super Smash Bros. Series and Boss Rooms (in the Game) and fight other Yoshi's and Custom made Yoshi's Online. (If you have Wi-Fi.) You can even make your own stages (Like SSBB.) It can also Give you points for Stats.

Rest TBA

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