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Ocarina of Time, a young Link has been raised as one of the Kokiri, the children of the forest. Unlike the other Kokiri, Link does not have a fairy companion and is thus shunned by their self-proclaimed leader, Mido. Link's life changes one day when theGreat Deku Tree, the forest's guardian, sends Navi the fairy to Link with instructions to bring him immediately. A curse has been cast on the Deku Tree, and he asks Link to break it. While Link is successful in defeating the monsters inside the Tree, the Great Deku Tree was doomed to die before Link started.[45] Before passing away, the Deku Tree tells Link of the Triforce and directs Link to Hyrule Castle where he encounters Princess Zelda.

Heart 90%
Might +0.25
Protection +0.25
Speed +1.75
Magik -0.5
distance -1


Type mouverest Nom mouverest
Classic-Attaque: Kokiri Sword
Special Attack-normale Rasor Sword
Special Attack-Side boomerang
Special Attack-Haut Deku Stick
Attaque spéciale-Bas Fouet
Attaques à distance slingshot
Attaques défensives Deku shield
Smash-finale God Vanger

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