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Young YoshiEgg Nook

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'Lil YE

Young YoshiEgg Nook

Young YoshiEgg Nook is YoshiEgg Nook's younger self. He make his first appearance in YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures and makes his first chronological appearance in The Adventures of YoshiEgg.

YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures

He play a major role in this game as a partner. When YoshiEgg and others were exploring past Tanooki City, they meet Young YoshiEgg, who was playing with Young Bloop. Them some Goombas attacked them, and YoshiEgg defeated them. To thank him, he go on adventure with him. He mainly uses sport gear to attack, like tennis rocket and golf cub. His Magic Smash is Tennis Play, from which he play tennis using enemy as tennis ball. He is one of first encoutered partners.

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