Young Gorge
Gorge in Tears in Darkness.
Full Name Gorge Fungi
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Location Eirian
Current Status Alive
Class Hero
Eirian Warriors
Family and Relations
Lury (mother)
Shrub (father)
Rusty (adoptive brother)
Main Weapon(s) Various
Vulnerable To Black magic
Latest Appearance Dark Fungi

Gorge Fungi is the main protagonist in the Dark Fungi series of games. It has been confirmed he will replace Purple as the mascot of Outer Limits Co..


He is a green-teal Goru (a species of mushroom/Shroob-like aliens). He has a bergundy boil on the top of his head and a bergundy ponytail just under it. He wears a white vest-like shirt with an orange belt underneath. He wears begundy shoes with grey soles and a white spot on the front and white socks. He has purple-bergundy iris with white...whites.


Dark Fungi

Dark Fungi: Black Grotto

Tears in Darkness

Dark Fungi: Warriors from Below





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