You got 10 lives is a TV series starring Ten, the main character of the WTGC series, Blok, his sidekick, Barker, the main character of the Barker and Quack series and Quack, His sidekick. It parodizes The Big Bang Theory story and is a comedy meant for children 8+.


Main Aricle: List of You got 10 lives episodes

Lonely physologist Ten and his best friend, Blok, a biogolgist, have just moved into an apartment near by their colleague, and live quite nicely. They then meet lazer biologist Barker and physist Quack who live right downstairs, and then Barker, Quack and Ten meet the loves of their lives: Cherry, Quackla and Twen. They now have many hillarious adventures, and being very immature.


Main Cast

Ten Bear played by Awesomecartoongames- The star of the show, and a physologist who goes to the AwesomeCartoonColleague along with best friend Blok, and other friends Barker and Quack. For the first part of the season 1, he has a crush on fellow teddy bear Twen, but he later starts dating his best friends beautiful sister Selena. However, he later ends their relationship when he learns that she loved another man named Sanjay. He then began a relationship with Twen, but they took a break when Ten had to go to Africa. He has an IQ of 174.

Blok Uchibara played by MaxGreenKnight- Ten's sarcastic, smarter best friend, aswell as comic releif and sidekick. He atends AwesomeCartoonColleague with his friends. He always must have things his way, most likely because when he was a little boy, he said his dad can't die in the war he was going to, however he did die. His sister Selena had a relationship with his best freind Ten, which he disliked. Later in season 2, he began a relationship with fellow biologist Pie, a Circya. He has an IQ of 199.

Barker Lab played by AIA- Ten's secondary best friend and a lazer biologist. He is very obsessed with girls, but has a man crush on the great hero Gumball Chewers. He atends AwesomeCartoonCollegue with his friends. In season 1, near the end he begins a relationship with Cherry, an archaeologist. His best friend is Quack, and he has an IQ of 110.

Quack Chibi Duck played by Goggles- Barker's best friend and a phythisist. He tries hard to impress girls, but he is very gullible and does not understand sarcasm and the obvious. He atends AwesomeCartoonCollegue with his friends. He has an IQ of 124.


The show was created by Awesomecartoongames, and the voices of the cast are voiced by his friends. Origanally, it was going to star Barker and Quack with two other Barker and Quack characters, however, the idea was changed when I remember that Ten was a good character, and he added Blok, too.

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