You Can't Stop Mr. Domino, Either is a sequel to the Playstation game; No One Can Stop Mr. Domino


The chosen character will begin to run around the looping level, as if it were a racetrack. The player can shift the character to left or right to avoid obstacles, move to the side, and do other things. 

The character is doing objectives that are levels, and several levels make up Areas. 


  1. Family House
  2. Parsley Park
  3. Street
  4. Grocery Store
  5. Airport Terminal
  6. The Large City
  7. Wacky World


  1. Bedroom
  2. Living Room 
  3. Kitchen 
  4. The Field
  5. Playground
  6. Construction Site
  7. Dark Alley
  8. The Street
  9. The Street (Pt. 2)
  10. Food Aisle
  11. Toy Aisle
  12. Garden Aisle
  13. Airstrip
  14. Section 1
  15. Section 2
  16. The Subway
  17. The Other Street
  18. Tower
  19. Circus
  20. Clock 
  21. Traveling Across Space and Time
Type of Panel Effect Vanish after Use?
Speed-Up Panel This will speed up the character for a brief moment. No
Slow Down Panel This will slow the character down for a brief moment. No
Recharge Panel This will refill the character's energy. Yes
Rewind Panel This will drop the character back an entire lap, with the same energy they had when they reached the start of the lap.  Yes
Warning Panel This panel indicates that an event will happen soon, to warn the player. N/A
Super Domino Panel If the character touches this, this will recharge the energy of the character over time, will increase the speed briefly, as well as protection against hazards for a short time. Yes


The characters don't have any extra effects, other than affecting how the character moves. 

  • Mr. Domino (Runs)
  • Miss Domino (Hops)
  • Bruce (Runs)
  • Baby Domino (Staggers)
  • Kate (Skates)
  • Rodney (Rides a domino horse) 

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