Yoshter Bro.
Yoshter Bro.
Yoshter Bro.'s Appearance
Gender Male
Hammer Bro.
MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Ability/ies Throwing Hammers
Flutter Jump
Laying/Throwing Eggs
Extending Tongue
First Appearance Superior Mario World
Latest Appearance Fantendo Fight Fest!

Yoshter Bro. is a character created by MarioGameChampion (tbc). He stars in his own game. He is a Hammer Bro., but he also has the powers of a Yoshi. He is MGC's mascot and represents him in every game he appears in.

Physical Appearance

Yoshter Bro. is looks like a Hammer Bro. despite the Yoshi Egg symbol on his stomach. He also has light purple shoes, a blue helmet and a maroon shell. He occasionally carries around a hammer. It has been announced he may have a relation to music.


Superior Mario World

Yoshter Bro. appears in Superior Mario World. He is a downloadable playable character.

Hammer Egg House

Yoshter Bro. stars in this game. He is playable and is the main protagonist.

Fantendo Fight Fest!

Yoshter Bro. appears in Fantendo Fight Fest! He is playable, and his finisher is called Cannonball.

Stats/More Info

Image Name Finisher Finisher Image
Yoshter Bro. Yoshter Bro. Cannonball-The player will eat the target, then spit them out far. None Yet

The Fantendo Survivors

Yoshter Bro. appears in The Fantendo Survivors as a playable character, he throw eggs to defeat the enemies.

The Fantendo Games

Yoshter Bro. appears in the TV show The Fantendo Games.

Fantendo Quest

Yoshter Bro. will appear in this game. He will be the host.

Fantendo Christmas Party

Yoshter Bro. appears as DLC in this game, with his color being Jade Green.

Project Fan10do

Yoshter Bro. appears in this game as a defense unit.

Fantendo RPG: Evolution

Yoshter Bro. appears in this game as a NPC that is fightable.



MarioGameChampion (tbc)
Active: See here.
Cancelled: Yoshi Quest

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