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Yoshi's 3D World is a game for the Wii U where you play as Yoshi in a 3D, first person world.


Yoshi, Baby Yoshi, and Mario are sitting under a tree when all of a sudden, Kamek appears and takes Mario. Baby Yoshi and Yoshi then get up and hop into a portal Kamek made to save Mario! The two then go into a different world and the game then begins.


Yoshi's 3D World is a Adventure, Platformer game which plays like Yoshi's island but in a 3D, first person World. It has multiplayer, with up to 4 players. This game, unlike the past Yoshi's island games will not have baby Mario. This game will also allow Yoshi to not transform, but grab regular powerups. (Fire flower, Mushroom, Star, etc.) There are also new modes, such as battle, story, etc.


Battle ( battle to see who wins the trophy by throwing Yoshi eggs at the other Yoshi's!)

Story ( The main story. Simple as that.)

Coin rush ( collect the coins before the other Yoshi's do!)

Online ( Play the story, but with other people around the world.)

Playable Characters

150p-Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour 250px-RedyoshiYellow yoshipounding by yoshigo99-d5182ol Blue Yoshi Magenta Baby Yoshi
Green Yoshi Red Yoshi Yellow Yoshi Blue Yoshi Baby Yoshi

Note: Baby Yoshi is only playable in 2-2, and 3-3.

Power Ups


Name Usage
Dust Flower Allows Yoshi to become invisible for 7 seconds.
Classic Mushroom Allows Yoshi to spawn brick blocks he can either break or make bridges and other things.


Name Usage
Mushroom Allows Yoshi to get bigger and take one extra hit.
Fire Flower Allows Yoshi to shoot fireballs, melting ice and defeating weak enemies.

Side Characters

Name Image Description

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