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Yoshiro Land
Yoshiro land 1
American Box art.
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Nintendo AV
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of USA TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Japan TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Europe TBA 2013
25px-Flag of Australia TBA 2013
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
ERating 3Rating USK6 OFLC-G CERO A
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included AV Cartridge

Yoshiro Land is a 3D game for the Nintendo AV starring Yoshiro as the main character. It is the first Yoshiro game to be released.


One time in the Mushroom Kingdom, Yoshiro and Yoshara heard a strange noise. Suddenly Yoshara gets captured by Dark Bowser, who captures Mario, Luigi, and Peach as well. Dark Bowser locks them up in one of the three castles. Yoshiro hears what happened, so he goes out to save Yoshara and his friends.

After completing the first 23 levels, Yoshiro goes to Dark Bowser's Castle. Dark Bowser is fought in two phases, and after he fades away, the vortex he created explodes with everything vanishing as well. Yoshiro suddenly loses his flying powers and soars down towards the Mushroom Kingdom. Yoshara finds him laying, so she calls Dr. Mario over to help him. Dr. Mario cures the pain in Yoshiro's body caused by Dark Bowser and his vortex so that Yoshiro is able to fly again. Then the staff credits roll.


The gameplay is similar to Star Fox for the SNES. Yoshiro has the ability to fly around places. He couldn't shoot anything except with the Billy Gun that once appeared in Super Mario Bros. X.


Button Control
DS A Button
A Button
Move Forward (Only in boss battles) (Hold)
Shoot with Billy Gun (Only in Phase 2 of Dark Bowser Battle)
DS B Button
B Button
Move Backward (Only in boss battles)
DS Start Button
Start Button
DS Select Button
Select Button
Switch Viewpoints
Wiimote Home
Home Button
Go to System Menu
Wii D-Pad
Control Yoshiro/Yoshara
DS L Button
L Button
Roll Left/Grab Shell/Release Shell
DS R Button
R Button
Roll Right/Grab Shell/Release Shell



Image Name Unlockable by...
Yoshiro Yoshiro He's already unlocked.
Yoshara Yoshara Unlock her by defeating Bowser in Level 8.


Image Name Description
Yoshi FS Yoshi Yoshi appears as the Super Guide. Although he doesn't fly, Yoshi can ride a jetboard to make his way through.
MarioPic Mario Mario is captured by False Bowser and Yoshiro has to save him in Level 8.
LuigipartyDS Luigi Luigi is captured by Bowser and Yoshiro (or Yoshara) has to save him in Level 16.
NSMBWiiPeach Princess Peach Peach is captured by Dark Bowser and Yoshiro (or Yoshara) has to save her in Level 24.
DRM3 Dr. Mario Dr. Mario makes a minor appearance, only appearing at the end of the game. He cures the problems caused by Dark Bowser's vortex, so that Yoshiro is able to fly again.


Image Name
SM3DL False Bowser False Bowser
Bowser NSMBW Bowser
Dark bowser brawl Dark Bowser


There are 24 levels in Yoshiro Land.

Image Name Description
Yl level 1 Mushroom Hills Yoshiro's adventure begins here at a very basic level.
Yl level 2 Sea Cavern A cavern must've been flooded or something.
Yl level 3 Paratroopa Sky Yoshiro will fall if he hits a Paratroopa, so be careful.
Yl level 4 Snow Temple The temple's interior looks deserted, yet a few enemies reside here.
Yl level 5 The Mysterious Jungle Scuttle Bugs often hang from the trees and try to attack Yoshiro.
Yl level 6 Chilly Forest Wigglers inhabit this forest. Some of the Wigglers try to attack Yoshiro.
Yl level 7 Journey to Bowser's Fortress Another snowy level. Bill Blasters guard the entrance to the castle, and Bullet Bills try to attack Yoshiro.
Yl level 8 Bowser's Snowy Fortress Yoshiro can battle False Bowser and save Mario and Yoshara there. False Bowser uses his tail to try to swipe Yoshiro away, and he even spits fire. Yoshiro must use a shell from a shell dispenser to throw at False Bowser three times before he's dead.
Yl level 9 Mushroom Hills Away from the castle, Yoshiro spots a few islands out in the ocean.
Yl level 10 The Floating Island A building resides there, that Yoshiro must travel to.
Yl level 11 The Island Facility The building looks like the inside of a space station.
Yl level 12 Towards the Giant Pipe Some pipe has broken. And I bet neither of the plumbers can fix it because the pipe is too big, and Mario can't do it without Luigi.
Yl level 13 Sewer Speedway The first level in the Yoshiro series to take place in a race with a Bullet Bill. Yoshiro must finish the third lap in first place to complete the level. The level looks like a ripoff from Crash Team Racing.
Yl level 14 Lava Tunnel Some parts of the level may look like parts of Ant Agony, a level from Crash Twinsanity. This level is a bit tricky because of Lava Plumes and Podoboos that rise from the lava.
Yl level 15 Sunset Ridge Airships may try to block Yoshiro's way, but they fail and let Yoshiro head towards Bowser's Castle.
Yl level 16 Bowser's Castle The battle with Bowser resides there. This time Bowser throws hammers at Yoshiro to try to knock him out. He still spits fire, though. Yoshiro has to do the same thing like with False Bowser: Use a shell from a shell dispenser to throw at Bowser, this time, five times to save Luigi.
Yl level 17 Escape from the Castle The castle is crumbling. Yoshiro has to get out of the castle before it's too late!
Yl level 18 Magikoopa Sky This is a revamped version of Paratroopa sky. Instead of Paratroopas, Magikoopas try to harm Yoshiro.
Yl level 19 The Outer Limits of Outer Space The second racing level of the game. Yoshiro has to head towards the galaxy before Bullet Bill does.
Yl level 20 Midnight Ridge A somewhat revamped version of Sunset Ridge. This time Shroob UFO's take over this level. The Shroob UFO's may turn Yoshiro shroobified and the player loses a life.
Yl level 21 Dark Sea There's nothing in the sky, but there are shroobified Cheep-Cheeps jumping out of the water.
Yl level 22 Airship Fortress A ripoff of DS Airship Fortress, a Mario Kart DS retro track from Mario Kart 7. Banzai Bills home in on Yoshiro, and Rocky Wrenches try to throw wrenches at Yoshiro.
Yl level 23 The End Is Near This level has Banzai Bill Blasters that shoot Banzai Bills at Yoshiro to prevent him from heading the final level.
Yl level 24 Dark Bowser Battle Dark Bowser has Princess Peach captive. He throws hammers, spits out dark fire, and uses his other dark powers. Again, Yoshiro has to do the same strategy 5 times. After Dark Bowser has been hit 5 times, he creates a large vortex that sucks the dark galaxy in. The second phase of the battle is different. It is similar to the second phase of the Bowser Battle from Super Mario Galaxy 2. This time, the Billy Gun from the fan game Super Mario Bros. X appears in this level. Yoshiro can only shoot one bullet at a time at Dark Bowser 25 times. After Dark Bowser vanishes, the vortex explodes with everything vanishing as well. The story above tells what happened in the ending.


Enemies can be listed here.


Items can be listed here.

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