Yoshihiro Shimazu is a character from the Sengoku Basara series. He fights using a big sword and usually relies on ambushes. His rival is the giant robot Tadakatsu Honda. He appeared in Devil King as Zaan as an NPC.

Nintendo vs. Capcom

Yoshihiro Shimazu appears in Nintendo vs. Capcom as an unlockable playable character. To unlock he is purchasable in Sylphie's shop for 2858 zenny. He gets a new move in which he calls out his troops to help him in his fight.

Special Moves

Jigenryu Gekishou:Charge Back then Forward + Punch. Yoshihiro does a vertical spin attack with his sword striking 2 times and paralizing his opponent for 5 seconds.

Jigenryu Rokushin:Charge Back then Forward + Kick. Yoshihiro rushes forward, swinging his sword horizontally and knocking his opponent away.

Jigenryu Kappa:Hold P for 2 seconds then release. Yoshihiro gives out a loud scream that stuns his opponent.

Jigenryu Takanami:Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Yoshihiro swings his sword up sending an earthquake across the floor that knocks his opponents into the air.

Jigenryu Dangan:2 Quarter-Circle Back + Punch. Yoshihiro charges up a powerful strike then unleashes it swinging his sword down instantly his opponent.

Jigenryu Raijin: 2 Quarter-Circle Forward + Punch. Yoshihiro moves his sword back a little then fires a big electrical beam forward. Charging it increase his attack power but also decrease range.

Backup Call:2 Quarter-Circle Back + Kick. Yoshihiro whistles for some Shimazu soldiers to pop out of hiding and help him in the fight for 10 seconds.

Jigenryu Raikou:2 Quarter-Circle Forward + all Punches. Yoshihiro throws his sword punches his fists then catches his sword and does a sequence of head-splitting strikes forward and finishes with an upward slash followed by a bolt of lightning.

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