Yoshice in Super Mario Evolution.

Yoshice is a new character and boss of the Mario Series, that first appeared in Super Mario Evolution. He is a frozen Yoshi, with big fangs and a spiky tail. He also have dangerous stalactites on his left hand. He attacks by throwing stalactites and Frozen Eggs at Mario. The normal Eggs acts like the Hammers of the Hammer Bros.: they fly over the ground, without hitting it. The bigger eggs, which are rarer than the normal, stay on the ground and, gradually lose their icy smoke, which is dangerous. To defeat him, the player must take a big egg, when the icy smoke is left and, throw it at Yoshice three times.


  • The name of Yoshice is pun on the words "Yoshi" and "Ice".
    • His beta name, Iceoshi, is also a pun on the words "Yoshi" and "Ice".
  • Yoshice is one of the only Yoshi that works for the Koopa Troop.
  • During his battle; Icy Goombas and stalactites can fall from the ceiling, rending the combat more difficult.


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