By: DuckieCrackers

Although Duckie isn't a exsiting charcter in the Nintendo Group, He stills remain to being Yoshi's Friend. The two do alot of things together. See More by reading my story!

Part 1:

Duckie is a 4 year old duck that is very playful and loves bouncy balls. Duckie also enjoys being fed by crackers by the lake. Duckie's father got cooked and been Feast for people on Thanksgving and his mother died ever sinbce Duckie's Birth. Duckie appeared to be a loney Duck until.....

Part 2:

Yoshi was walking down the sidewalk in Mushroom Kingdom, he saw a little Duckling. Yoshi was a sweet enough to go and help Duckie and so he did. Duckie couldn't talk he only quacked so it was hard to make yoshi figure out what was happening to Duckie.
Duckie and Yoshi 2

Part 3:

So Yoshi decided to take Duckie to the pond and they played many things together including:

  • Splashing in the Water
    Duckie and Yoshi 1
  • Swim Race
  • Quacking Contest
  • Hand Games
  • Underwater Tag
  • And Of Course Eat Crackers

Part 4:

Soon the sun went down and the stars and moon glared down at Duckie and Yoshi. Soon It was time to leave and Duckie stayed at that pond and Yoshi left and went to Yoshi Falls. But Everyday they would meet and go places and play together! They did everything together and they were the bestest friends ever!


  • Duckie and Yoshi THE END
  • Lunch Bunch
  • Cute Friends
  • A Heart that Duckie drew for Yoshi!
Some Pictures are not yet Uploaded!

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