Yoshi and Clyde

Australian boxart

Yoshi and Clyde is a game that is being released on April 17, 2011, for the Wii, DS, and 3DS


Clyde is going on a relaxing vacation to Fiji and decides to fly on a plane to Fiji. A few hours after being on the plane the sky turns black and the plane starts shaking and then suddenly the engines blow up ang the plane falls towards the ocean. Clyde faints in the water soon after the plane crashes into the sea. The next day Clyde finds himself washed up on a Island. Clyde decides to explore the Island so he goes into a forest near the beach he was washed up on. He soon bumps into Yoshi. Yoshi tells Clyde were he is, Clyde ends up having a panic attack but yoshi soon clams Clyde down and says that he will help Clyde get home. Meanwhile Flame is starting his evil plan to stop Clyde from ever getting home so he can take over Scotland. Yoshi and Cydes quest begins.

Yoshi and Clyde

Australian boxart

Voice Actors

  • Trey Parker as Yoshi and Clyde
  • Doug Lawrence as Flame





  • First time Trey Parker voices Yoshi. He uses the same voice as the S10 Eric Cartman from South Park for Yoshi.


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