Yoshi World is a 3D platformer in the Yoshi franchise, released for Wii U.



Entering a Morph Bubble causes Yoshi and Birdo to be transformed into one of several different types of vehicles, each with their own unique capabilities. While in this state, Yoshi and Birdo are allowed to move around as the vehicles without the babies for a limited time before being pulled back to the Morph Bubble and being turned back to normal. If the player is able to hit a Dinosaur Block while transformed, the transformation is automatically reversed at that location.

Name Abilities
Yoshi Helicopter/Birdo Chinook Allows Yoshi and Birdo to fly around.
Yoshi Jackhammer/Birdo Jackhammer Allows Yoshi and Birdo to shatter Rock Blocks with ease.
Yoshi Mole Tank/Birdo Meerkat Tank Allows Yoshi and Birdo to tunnel through sections of dirt.
Yoshi Hot-Air Balloon/Birdo Hot-Air Balloon Allows Yoshi and Birdo to float up.
Yoshi Submarine/Birdo Submarine Allows Yoshi and Birdo to move around underwater and fire torpedoes.
Yoshi Blade/Birdo Blade Allows Yoshi and Birdo to move quickly across land.
Yoshi Bobsled/Birdo Bobsled Allows Yoshi and Birdo to move quickly across snow sections
Yoshi Train/Birdo Train Allows Yoshi to move along tracks seen in the background

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