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This is a FanGame by Max2 Dev. Corp..

However, please do not change the names of Yoshis or Worlds.

Yoshi World: Yoshi's Island 3D is a game for the Nintendo DS released in 200X. It is the sequel to Yoshi's Story.



One day, after the Super Happy Tree returned, Yoshi's Island was at peace, and the Yoshis were all happy. However, Baby Bowser was not ready to give up, so he ordered Kamek to kidnap all of the Yoshis. All of the Yoshis except for six lunky eggs were kidnapped. These eggs soon hatched, and the six newborn Yoshis went on a quest to save the rest of their clan.


The gameplay is different from it's pre-decessor, aiming for a 3-dimensional adventure as oppossed to a 2-dimensional one. The game itself is on the top screen, while the bottom screen is where the fruit Yoshi has eaten is, the Yoshi's happiness is displayed, and other things.


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