Yoshi World (Planet Yoshi 惑星ヨシ in Japan) is a game developed by Brock Productions and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 64. Along with Super Mario 64 and Pilotwings 64, it was a launch title for the 64 and featured a popular series from Nintendo.

Much like how Super Mario 64 brought forth the original series into three-dimensional games while providing an eclaimed game, Yoshi World mixed 3D exploration akin to Banjo-Kazooie and Donkey Kong 64 while creating a great game.


Once in the land of Yoshi's, the leader Yoshi was taking a stroll in the forest when he happened upon a large flower. Peaking his interest, the Yoshi put his head down to sniff it when he heard a thud and felt something on his back. When he turned around, Yoshi saw a pudgy little baby on his back wearing a perculiar red hat.

The Yoshi was heading back to his Yoshi pack to tell them about the baby when he heard a voice above. Said voice was very whiney, and when the green dinosaur looked up he saw an odd turtle-like creature on the back of another hooded monster yelling down at him.

"Hey you! You stole my baby! He has this star thing I need. So give him back!" said the creature. Yoshi didn;t know what to do, so he just ran like a mad man (or Dino) back to his tribe. When he arrived, all the Yoshi's were going crazy.

When Yoshi inquired the others about it, they described a whole army of turtle and caped critters heading toward the village. A blue shy guy then arrived and told him about what was happening. Baby Bowser had been trying to capture all the babies in the land to find something called 'Star Power'.

Apparently, there are eight Star Babies in the land, and each owns a 'Power Star'. Each Power Star is worth 15 regular stars, and if one owns at least 110 regular stars then they will have the ultimate power. Baby Bowser wanted this power, so he tried to steal the kids for the stars.

Anyway, the shy guy also says that he will help Yoshi to find the 110 stars so he will have the power to stop Baby Bowser. So, Yoshi sets off to the eight worlds to find the stars.



  • FT64Controlstick - Move
  • FT64Abutton - Jump
  • Hold FT64Abutton - Flutter Jump
  • FT64Abutton, FT64Zbutton - Ground pound
  • FT64Bbutton - Lick
  • FT64Zbutton - Aim
  • FT64Zbutton+FT64Abutton - High jump
  • FT64Zbutton+FT64Bbutton - Bubble Shield
  • FT64Zbutton+FT64Controlstick - Crawl
  • FT64Zbutton+FT64CUPbutton - Roll
  • FT64CLEFTbutton - rotate camera clockwise
  • FT64CRIGHTbutton - rotate camera counter clockwise
  • FT64CUPbutton - 1st person view
  • FT64CDOWNbutton - camera zoom in/out
  • FT64Startbutton - Pause game

Character-Only Moves

  • Baby Mario: FT64Rbutton + FT64Controlstick - Dash
  • Baby Peach: FT64Abutton + hold FT64Rbutton - Float
  • Baby Donkey Kong: FT64Zbutton+FT64CDOWNbutton - Dig

Gyroscensor Attatchment

From the release of the game to 1999, all copies sold we're bundled with a Gyroscensor Attatchment. The attatchment enables Gyroscensing, which utilizes the in-built Gyroball to detect tilting and shaking of the controller. This is used for things such as punching with Yoshi and tilting platforms.

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