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Yoshi is the main beginning character in Yoshi to the Rescue

 Yoshi To the Rescue (safe edition)

Yoshi Comes to this strange house kidnapped by a strange new enemy called Nigel Nega. Yoshi wakes up in the living room, on the couch and noticed he has shrinked down to a Mario action figure size. Yoshi must fight his way to destroy Nigel Nega and his army men using anything Yoshi can get his hands on like ? block that contain weapons or power stars. Yoshi also notices his friends and helpers get kidnapped by Nigel Nega. With the help of Yoshi's Friends and Helpers, can he and them get out of this house after destroying Nigel Nega?  These  and many other prehistorical pals like a saber-toothed squirel. Yoshi travels through many levels like the kitchen table, garage, living room x-mas, kitchen, outside, garden, fenceline, snow, dirt hill and many other levels. The Ending happens when Yoshi and the rescued friends find Nigel Nega's 40 passanger plane in his base. The heroes must defeat Nigel Nega then take the plane and take everyone where they belong.

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