Yoshi Suit
Item Type Transformation
Kind of Item Suits
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Allows you to turn enemies into eggs and launch them. Also, you can fly.
Related Items
Owl Suit, Bob-Omb Suit

The Yoshi Suit is an item that turns the user of the suit into a Yoshi. Waluigi uses this suit in it's debut appearance in Super Mario: An Evil Rising.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In Game Summary

This is a quote from the Toadus Museum, "This suit created by specialists after years of studying Yoshies have made a suit that allows the user to turn into a Yoshi, eat monsters that come their way, turn them into eggs, and throw them! It can also allow you to fly, but everyone knows Yoshies can fly. This marvelous suit was donated to the museum by the Yoshi Ruler, who wore this suit himself when he was a Yoshling to achieve his abilities to fly and throw eggs."


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

In Waluigi's story he gets the suit from Yoshi when starting his journey to Boshi's Hideout. Thanks to the suit, Waluigi is able to defeat Boshi and his gang and proceed back to the village.