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Yoshi Story 2 - Title

The title screen, hand-drawn

Yoshi Story 2 is the sequel to Yoshi Story on the N64. It is for the N3DS and it follows the side-scroller style of the original Yoshi's Island.


Every 100 years in the peaceful little village of Yoshi's, a golden Yoshi hatches from an egg and everyone celebrates, but one day, Kamek decided to capture the golden Yoshi egg so they couldn't have their party. Now the Yoshis must get all the keys scattered through the world to enter Kamek's castle and save the Golden Yoshi.

Controls & Gameplay

Yoshi Story 2 - Menu

As mentioned, the gameplay returns to the style of Yoshi's Island, you walk to the right and shoot eggs. You can also, obviously, eat enemies to make eggs or spit them out to hit a nearby enemy, a new detail is that if you hit a Shy-Guy with an egg, it won't just die, it will become an Unmasked Shy-Guy, eating them is still an insta-kill. There are 4 selectible modes by default, the normal Story mode, 2P story mode (local multiplayer only), 2P versus mode (Includes Watermelon Battle, Yoshi Racing and other minigames) and the Minigame mode (any minigame you played on story mode can be replayed here.

If you 100% worlds 1, 2 and 3, you unlock Level Editor mode, you can create your own adventure world and upload it for people to play.


Unlike in other Yoshi games, transformations don't return, in their place come vehicles, in certain levels your Yoshi can ride a vehicle, below is a list of vehicles:

  • Yoshi Submarine: A submarine designed after Yoshi that can shoot torpedoes at enemies. First Appearence: 3-1 "Submerge the Yoshi Submarine"
  • Yoshi Blimp: A large blimp with a Yoshi motif, it has no weapons but can travel through large gaps. First Appearence: 3-5 "The Yoshi Blimp takes off!"
  • Yoshi Drill: The replacement for the mole tank in other games, obviously, you dig through the ground with it, you have a dash attack to defend yourself. First Appearence: 4-2 "Drill Tank Charge!"
  • Mega Yoshi: A Yoshi-like mech that can destroy everything in it's path, it has an egg cannon. First Appearence: 5-4 "The impenetrable Shy-Guy fortress"

There is only one transformation: Super Yoshi, your little dino gets a nice cape and shades, Yoshi can now get 10 eggs and they always kill enemies, this serves as the Hypernova of the game, it only appears in a few levels and you keep until the end, then you have to wait until another level to use it. First Appearence: 1-6 "Super Yoshi and the Mega Tree"


D/Circle-Pad = Move

L/R = Lock aim (in-level) Quick world switch (in-map)

B = Jump

A = "Load" egg/shoot egg

Y = Eat enemies/cancel egg throw

X = Useless

Start/Select = Pause

Start + Select = Quit level

Down with an enemy in your mouth = Swallow and make an egg.

Jump + Down = Ground-pound


Every world has 8 default levels and an unlockable if you 100% the world, a Yoshi flag will be over a completed level, if you 100% the level, a star will be there instead. each level has 5 Flowers and 20 hidden Yoshi Tokens to collect, plus 30 Star Points to take to the end and complete 100 points

Yoshi Story 2 - World 1

The map of world 1, "1-0" is the tutorial level

World 1

Your basic grassy world, there are a few (2) sky levels and a cave, but it's mostly grassy and such.

1-4/Mid Boss: "Hookbill's Revenge"  1-8/Main Boss: "Lester the Unmasked's Castle"

Yoshi Story 2 - World 2

The map to world 2, that weird thing in 2-4 (bottom) in a Spike

World 2

The obligatory desert, a few dunes, a cemetery, a Pyramid and an Indian inspired palace as a bonus level.

2-4/Mid Boss: "Mega Spike's Fortress"  2-8/Main Boss: "Prince Spikey's Castle"

World 3

The water world, the bonus level is a reference to the Water Temple, 'nuff said

3-4/Mid Boss: "Hermie II's Sunken Battleship" 3-8/Main Boss: "Naval Piranha's Grand Return"

World 4

More info soon.

4-4/Mid Boss: "Megabud's lost dungeon" 4-8/Main Boss: TBA

World 5

More info soon.

5-4/Mid Boss "The impenetrable Shy-Guy fortress" 5-8/Main Boss: TBA

World 6

More info soon.

World 7

The final world, it takes place in Baby Bowser's Kingdom, level 1 is entering the castle, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 are rematches with the previous main bosses

7-8/Main Boss: Baby Bowser 7-9/Final Boss: "Kamek's Great Tower"


Yoshi Story 2 (SKK's Version)/Enemies

References to other games

  • Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga: World 3's mid boss is "Hermie II" which is a reference to Hermie III, the boss found in Gwarhar Lagoon.
  • Super Mario 3D Land: One of the main enemies is the "Minibud", a baby version of the Biddybuds found in modern mario games, the mid-boss of world 4 is Megabud, a giant Para-Minibud, which in itself is a baby version of the Para-Biddybud 
  • Paper Mario: Arts & Crafts: Prince Spikey is a boss in Chapter 2 of that game, the same Prince Spikey appears as the main boss of world 2 here.
  • Yoshi Story: Not necessarily a reference, but this is the sequel to that game, plus, an enemy that appears in a few levels acts like the Pak E. Derm enemy in Yoshi Story

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