Yoshi Station is a brand new course in Mario Kart 9. The course is based on Yoshi and a train station. There are many Yoshis around and out of the many Yoshi and Birdo Trains that can be seen, only two Yoshi Trains can be driven into.

Course Layout

The course starts out on an anti-gravity section outside leading into a station entrance with a left turn. After a right turn, the racers are upside down before two more turns which finally leads them to a jump which sets the racers the right way in the station. Many Yoshis can be seen in this area. Three routes can be taken in this area. The left and right route joins together under the middle route. The middle route is an anti-gravity escalator with many Yoshis which leads the racers onto a brief walkway with Yoshis before a jump to where the left and right routes joined together. The next area is the same except the racers can trick off the anti-gravity escalator down to the other routes below but the racers cannot get back up the escalator. The bottom route leads them to an outside turn into a gliding section to a platform. The top route, still in anti-gravity leads them to an inside turn sideways to the platform with just a boost pad jump. Another two routes can be taken here. The Yoshi train on the right is the main route and the Yoshi Train on the left which acts as a small shortcut, is harder to access with a wall making the road there narrow. After the racers get off the train (the right Yoshi Train exit is on the left and vice versa) the racers reach another platform which has an anti-gravity exit on the right of the platform. The exit leads them into a tight turn to a gliding section to a park like Yoshi Valley. When the racers reach the forked road, the left turn is an anti-gravity section and the right isn't. When the roads join together to reach another intersection, the right route is the anti-gravity section and the left isn't. The road stays anti-gravity to a turn into a wide area with a fountain and Yoshis before the starting line.

Course Design

Course Shortcuts

In the Yoshi Train on the left, on the second and third lap, if the players stay straight without leaving the train, the door will open automatically which has a jump which leads them to a path to a raised island which has an M-turn which leads them to the second outdoor intersection.


  • This is the first track in the Mario Kart series where the track starts on an anti-gravity section.
  • Not surprisingly, this track has the most anti-graviity sections.
  • Like Yoshi Valley, this course has many Yoshis cheering for players.
  • This is one of the three courses which can spot more than half of the other courses in the game.

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