Yoshi Ruler
Gender Male
Location Yoshi's Island
Current Status Ruling
Class King of Yoshi

Ruler of the Island

Main Weapon(s) Tongue
First Appearance Super Mario: An Evil Rising
Yoshi Ruler is the king of Yoshi's Island. He is a kind, gentle king.


Super Mario: An Evil Rising

When Waluigi arrived on the island, he believed he was Luigi and gave him the mission of stopping Boshi and other groups. Later when Mario arrives on the island, he puts Yoshi in charge of helping Mario build a boat. Later when the Mushroom Behemoth is crushing Yoshi's Island, it is seen that all the Yoshis are on multiple boats with the Yoshi Ruler is leading the group of boats.


  • Though his name is the Yoshi Ruler, his in game model and artwork is called King Yoshi.

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