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Yoshi Quest 3D
The box art by Tetris (tbc)
Developer(s) Electric Enterprises
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
July 2014
1 player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) 2.5D Sidescroller
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
Yoshi Quest 3D is an upcoming game in the Yoshi series from Electric Enterprises. It is planned for July 2014, and is so far only announced on the 3DS.


It was a quiet night on Yoshi's Island. The Yoshi's were sound asleep, perfectly calm. Suddenly, a Koopa Clown Car flew down with the Koopalings in it. Kamek rode next to them on his broom. He swooped down towards the field, and dropped a net over all the Yoshis. He then tied it up and rode back up. All the Yoshis panicked. But only one Yoshi was able to slip through the net and fall to the ground. Watching the Clown Car leave, the Yoshi chased after it.

Meanwhile, Kamek went around the island, kidnapping all of the babies while they slept. His army of Toadies held onto the babies in little sacks, while they began to return to Bowser. All of a sudden, an army of Storks came and started attacking the Toadies. They dropped their babies in panic, which all landed coincidentally in the Clown Car. The Koopalings decided to drop the babies all across the island, and drop themselves off as well. The Yoshi, now determined to stop Kamek, decided to make a rescue squad to help the babies and Yoshis!





In this game, there is a wide variety of Yoshi colors. They are as follows:

Image Color Dis/Advantages Description Unlocking Criteria
Yoshi Happy YBA Green Yoshi Green Yoshi has no true advantage or disadvantage. He is good for beginners. Green Yoshi is often considered just the neutral Yoshi. He is leading a team to help rescue the babies that were kidnapped by Bowser. Default.
Blue Yoshi YBA Blue Yoshi The Blue Yoshi's jumps are the lowest. Blue Yoshi is assisting the others on this quest. He is the fastest Yoshi and can run over small gaps easily. Complete World 1.
Blue Yoshi is the fastest in the game.
Red YoshiSMWWii Red Yoshi Red Yoshi is the slowest Yoshi in the game. Red Yoshi. He's the color of our favorite plumber, and he's on a quest! It's time to save some babies with Red Yoshi! Complete World 2.
Red Yoshi's tongue is the longest of all the Yoshi's.
Ground Pound Yoshi YBA Yellow Yoshi Yellow Yoshi has the shortest tongue attack. Yet another Yoshi, the yellow one feels the need to help. Of course, being captured by Bowser in the beginning does not help, but when he gets out, he'll be ready to help. Complete World 3.
Yellow Yoshi has the strongest ground pound.


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