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Yoshi Kart
Publisher(s) FantendoByArend
Platform(s) 3DS, Wii U
Release Date(s)
July 2018
1-8 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Series Yoshi Kart
Media Included 3DS cartridge, Wii U Optical Disc
Yoshi Kart is a Yoshi Kart game made by Nixus. It is similar to Mario Kart, as players race on a normally 3-lap track in karts, while playing as characters from the Mario series. (In this case, the Yoshi series.) It is planned to be released in July 2018 worldwide.




Grand Prix

4 - 12 players

Like in Mario Kart, Yoshi Kart features the Grand Prix mode. In this mode a single player has to compete against computer opponents in order to obtain the trophies in the game. The player can also do multiplayer Grand Prix with up to 4 players. The Grand Prix has four engine classes, 50cc, 100cc, 150cc and 175cc. The higher the engine class, the harder the races will be against the opponents. After completing all the cups in each cc, the Mirror Mode is unlocked. After completing certain cups, racers can be unlocked.

Time Trials

1 - 2 player

Also like in Mario Kart, Yoshi Kart has Time Trials. Time Trials allows the player to complete all the laps of a race course in the fastest time possible by themselves or with a CPU. Player's records are saved as Ghosts. With the Nintendo Network Connection players can exchange their Ghosts with other players, compare records, and also compete with their Ghosts. After completing a certain amount of races, racers can be unlocked

VS Race

4 - 12 player

1 - 4 players locally can race in versus mode. In this mode, players can customize the races by personally selecting custom settings, such as the computer's difficulty and the engine class. Players can play individually or on teams. No racers can be unlocked in this mode.

Battle Mode

Yoshi Egg-Bomb Battle

Racers use Egg-Bombs to hit their opponents and score points to win. The bombs can be obtained by running over an Egg Box. Every player can hold up to five of these explosives, and throw whether forwards or drop them backwards. Any kart that make contact with the opponent's bomb or get blown by the explosion, will lose points. The player needs to get up to 3 points to win.

Egg Battle

This battle style consists on breaking opponents' eggs to score points, using the items from the Item Boxes. All the racers start with three eggs and must use the items from the Egg Boxes to break an egg from their opponents. Eggs can never be regained unless one is stolen from another player using a SuperStar and if all eggs are broken points can no longer be lost or obtained. However, players are still able to drive and attack players as a Ghost, so a player with a high score and no eggs can still win.

Cookie Collectors

Racers collect the Yoshi Cookies spread in the battle course within the time limit. The racers that have the most Yoshi Cookies at the end win. Racers can use the items to hit the opponents and make the opponents drop the Yoshi Cookies they've taken and they are also able to steal Yoshi Cookies by using SuperStars or other items.

Survival of the Fittest

Battle Courses are modified so that everything in the course is against the racers. If a racer is hit by any obstacle or item during the battle, they are eliminated. The racer who survives the longest wins.


Yoshi Kart game has 12 default characters and 18 unlockable characters for a total of 30 characters. However, this game will also feature DLC Packs after it's release, with each one containing two or more characters (with Special Items and new Cups) adding more to the roster of characters for a total of 46 playable characters.


Berry Cup

TBA Yoshi Raceway Shy Guy Valley
Cheep Cheep Ocean Chomp Rock Caverns

Fruit Cup

TBA Birdo's Haunted Mansion Bandit's Train Getaway
Ukiki Jungle Goonie Skies

Egg Cup

TBA Yo'ster Raceway Chain Chomp Colosseum
Sunset Landscape Spooky Scraps Circus

Yarn Ball Cup

TBA Kamek's Magical Cruise Wiggler Express
Flutter Airport Spear Guy Village

Smiley Flower Cup

TBA Skeleton Goonie Trail Baby Bowser's Castle
Through the Crumbling Castle Cup 5 - ★