Yoshi Island is an area in Super Mario Pirate Adventure. It is the first area to include a ridable Yoshi, and it is a peaceful island with many flowers, and a silent volcano in the center of the island.


Power Stars

Ridin' With Yoshi

Anyone can play in this level. This level lets players learn how to control Yoshi. A single Magikoopa taunts the player at the start of the level, and when the player defeats it, a Yoshi Egg flies out of its wand. Mario (or whoever) can ride the Yoshi. (With Bowser riding, Yoshi goes slow, and can't flutter jump as high). Just follow the path, and explore this peaceful island. Similar to SMG2, there will be Flower Grapples for Yoshi to grab onto to collect the Power Star #4.

Giga Lakitu Returns

Just like in SMG2, Giga Lakitu returns. All players can play in this level. Follow the spiny path, and meet Giga Lakitu.

Just like in SMG2, you must defeat Giga Lakitu by eating the Spinies he throws and spitting them at him with Yoshi. After 3 hits, he will reveal Power Star #5!

Giga Lakitu's Rainbow Romp

Similar to the Rainbow Romp is SMG2 (Yoshi Star Galaxy), you have to grab a rainbow star and defeat the Spinies in 30 seconds. However, Giga Lakitu will be throwing the spinies this time. He will also throw + clocks to help you out. When you defeat all the spinies, he will make a speech, and zoom away, leaving behind Power Star #6! All players are eligable for this power star.

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