Yoshi Bros
Producer(s) Nintendo
Broadcaster(s) Nintendo
Genre(s) Comedy
Age Rating(s)
Original Language English
Season(s) 3
Episodes 60
Runtime 2014-?
Status Live

Yoshi Bros is a Comedy TVShow created by Nintendo which aired on Cartoon Network. It was rated Y7 for some of the episodes (Yoshi's In Time, Haunted House, The Puzzle, Mutant Pizza, Freaky Yoshi).

It was aired throughout 2014 and has been announced to have 3 seasons and 60 episodes already produced. It is said to have 'A bad theme song, yet good episodes'.

Theme Song

Yoshi, The green one, protects his brothers for a cause.

Red, The red one, makes some smart science inventions.

Blue, The blue one, Finder of Baby Mario & Luigi.

Yellow, The yellow one, always fightin' for a cause.

Yoshi Brothers are always, looking for trouble.


Season 1 Episode 1- Yoshi's Island Trouble

Season 1 Episode 2- The Puzzle


Minor Characters: Bill The Stork, Other Babies (Baby DK, Baby Peach, etc etc)

Major Characters: Red(Yoshi Bros), Blue, Yoshi (Yoshi Bros), Yellow, Baby Mario (Yoshi Bros), Baby Luigi (Yoshi Bros)

Villains: The One, The Puzzlemaker

Anti-Heros: Baby Mario (Yoshi Bros), Baby Luigi (Yoshi Bros)