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Art for yoshi blasts 3DS
Developer(s) Pillow8Logo.png
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)


1-4 Players
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) RPG
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
Yoshi Blasts 3DS is the remake to Yoshi Blast.It is created from jh2123 inc and Pillow 8 co.It also has more characters included to it.The new character Funshi is there.It is the second game Pillow 8 co has created for 3ds.Baby Link is included to this game.


Some years after the beating of Baby Bowser.Yoshi,Thunder, and Funshi are relaxing peacefully until kamek comes.He steals all the yoshi eggs and some babies again to baby bowser.3 babies fall.About to take a nap,the the three babies fall onto them.Baby Luigi,Baby Waluigi, and Baby Link land on the yoshis.They don't know what happend but they know thatBaby Bowser is back to his evilness


Kant clypse-Kant clypse is a mountain full of Kant ,a type of yoshi fruit.The boss is Cataclypse

High Road dash-This course is famous for its car riding.You can unlock jh beetle here.The boss is RoadKill

Superb Flight-Thus, this course contains lots of flying in helicopter mode.You can get Baby Daisy.The boss is Baby Tatanga

Yoob's revenge: Yoob returns.Baby mario and Baby Peach are unlockable.You fight sunicide 2.

Snowy mount:.This course is full of ice and baby bowser is unlockable.He says that "kwamean" wanted to be king.The boss is Abominable goomba

Aboard ship:You get baby wario,Baby geno, and baby kid icarious here.It is a spaceship going to planetn shroob.The boss is Palmz.Coas is unlocked if you beat the boss

Kamek plant:This is shroob planet overruned by kameks.You can unlock 5 diffrent kameks ,4 koopa troops,nad 3 goomba's.The boss is Huge kamek

Cataclysm:This is the third to the last stage.Chroozwas the one who hired kamek from the start.He sends lots of shy guys.You can get 5 shy guys in this level.You also get 10 toads, and 3 shroobs.The boss is Jook .Chrooz's second child.Jook is Chrooz's son

Pretty dadly:This one is when you fight chrooz's daughter.You can obtain 6 lakitu's.Baby Sonic and Baby Donkey kong are unlockable.

Ready:this is the final stage.You can get all enemies.Chrooz is the final boss battle part 1.The second part is Chrooz L.The last part is Chrooz XL.


Yoshi is the legendary yoshi and is ready for giving a butt woopin to bowser.


is fast and depends on babies for powers

Makes a glorious appearance of his remaked game.He is always helping yoshi Thunder throws lightning eggs and controlls lightning
70px-39,190,0,225-Images (71)
jh beetle
Jh beetle makes his other appearence.He will help thunder. He is unlockable by beating the second level with thunder.He cannot be attacked and can fly quickley
Funshi 5
Funshi is thunders brother.loves racing.

funshi is unlockable.Funshi can be unlocked by beating him in a race.

he can controll rain

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