The Yoshi Bandits
Leader(s) Yossy
Align Evil
(Notable) Members
Bossy, Rossy
First Appearance Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms
Latest Appearance TBA
Gigaroth's Army
The Yoshi Burglars, The Yoshi Gang
Listen up, Mario. I followed you all this way just to get revenge for what you did to Rossy and ol' Boss, so you better look me in the eye when I break this star of yours into a million pieces!
Yossy, Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms

The Yoshi Bandits (originally known as The Yoshi Burglars) are a group of three Yoshis that first appeared in Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms, in which they were the tertiary antagonists. The gang consists of Yossy, the leader; Bossy, the Blimp Yoshi; and Rossy, the Dash Yoshi.


Yossy's appearance is very similar to the Village Leader from Paper Mario. He has a feather tied to the back of his head, along with two red bands around his wrists. This suggests that Yossy was once a Yoshi Chief. Additionally, Yossy is slightly overweight, although this is not always reflected.

Bossy appears to be a cyan Blimp Yoshi from Super Mario Galaxy 2, although strangely he always remains in this form. Similarly, Rossy is a red Dash Yoshi. It is never explain why the two seem to infinitely have these power-ups.


Yossy is often depicted as a young and naive leader, and he will go to extreme lengths to protect the others members of the group. He can make foolish mistakes and lets petty grudges influence his decisions. Bossy, on the other hand, is much wiser than Yossy, having many more years of experience. However, he doesn't always say what's on his mind and would rather watch Yossy and Rossy stumble around. Finally, Rossy is the youngest of the Yoshi Bandits. He is quick to make decisions and will blindly follow Yossy no matter what.

Game Appearances

Mario & Luigi: Brothers in Arms


The Yoshi Bandits first appear in Hyland Valley, where they steal Mario's coins. The trio is chased down the coastline and eventually confronted. Yossy and Rossy teach the Mario Bros the Spin Jump technique after they are defeated. They later appear in Cyprus Path, except they have recruited Popple to their team. However, the Yoshi Bandits are defeated once again and then arrested by the Cactines. Popple and the Yoshi Bandits are sent to Shadowhein Prison.

Near the end of the game Mario and Luigi head to the prison after they see it being attacked by Gigaroth and Bowser. They encounter the Yoshi Bandits inside and end up fighting, and the burglars are defeated. Yossy tries to escape, but Popple appears and jumps on his head, knocking him out. The Yoshi Bandits are then recruited into Gigaroth's army by Kamek off-screen.

After being tipped off to Mario and Luigi's location, Kamek and the remains of the army, including the Yoshi Bandits, are sent to Kopper's Laboratory. They confront Mario & Luigi, and are of course defeated. Yossy, however, decides to follow the bros back to Cyprus Castle, up Mount Flawn, and through Limbo. He enters Star Road and finds that Mario and Luigi have defeated Gigaroth. Yossy notices the Cursed Star and, believing that it is Mario's, shatters it. The dust of the Cursed Star absorbs into Starlow and possesses her. She blasts Toadsworth away, causing Yossy to flee.



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