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Yoshi Group Art YBA
A whole group of Yoshis
Species Origin Dinosaur
Rarity Semi-Common
Alignment Good
First Appearance Super Mario World (1990)
Dry Yoshi
Baby Yoshi
Dragon Yoshis
Notable Members

Usura Yoshi

Yoshis are a peaceful race of Dinosaurs that inhabit various places including Yoshi Island in Dinosaur Land and Yoshi Village on Lavalava Island. They always help out Mario when they can although they often have trouble with Kamek and sometimes the ravens, although the Yoshis of Lavalava Island seem to have no problem with the ravens. When Yoshis die, they become Ghoshis.

Dinosaur Land Yoshis

This is where Mario first met the Yoshis in Super Mario World and where he met the Yoshi. These Yoshis seem to be an anarchy with no leader or form of power, they just live in peace on the island with the various inhabitants, aside from some like the ravens who attack them. These Yoshis seem to worship a happy tree.

Lavalava Island Yoshis

These Yoshis are on a distant island which humans used to inhabit. They live here at peace with the Ravens and have a leader, Village Leader and they respect the island's leader Raphael the Raven as well. They do not get along with the Jungle Guys or Fuzzies. However they are not at all volatile.


A Yoshi's dominating feature is its nose, taking up most of its head. They are very sensitive when smelling out fruit or secrets that could be buried underground. They probably locate family and friends by smell, along with skin color. Even though they have teeth, these are rarely seen or used. The Fighting Polygons version of a Yoshi shows three pointy teeth, even though in the game Yoshi didn't show teeth. They have long, adhesive tongues that can cling to most enemies, allowing a Yoshi to swallow it whole. They can either swallow whatever they eat, or encase it in an egg. The eggs can be used as projectile weapons to defeat enemies and bosses.

Colors Varieties

Yoshis come in a variety of colors, they include Green, Red, Blue, Light Blue, Pink, Purple, Orange, White, Black, Brown, Yellow, Gold, Magenta, Lime, Teal, Maroon and Multicolor (called Rainbow Yoshi) . These are the only Yoshis that have been seen however it is possible that there could be other Yoshis of different colors.

Notable Yoshis

There have been many characters in the Yoshi species. These include:


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