Yoshi (SSB Ultimate)
The Dino friend of Mario.
Full Name Yoshi
Gender Male
Species Yoshi
Yoshi first appeared in Super Mario World, a launch title for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System, as a supportive character. Bowser and the Koopalings had trapped all of Yoshi's friends inside eggs, and after introducing himself to Mario and Luigi, soon joined their adventure to rescue the Princess as well. Yoshis are a friendly, dinosaur-like species native to Yoshi's Island. They are fun-loving, peaceful, and happy, thanks to their Super Happy Tree and the fruits they pick from it. Yoshi has many unique abilities, such as swallowing enemies and turning them into eggs, which he can then throw at high velocity. Yoshi is also known to get various special powers from eating fruits and berries, such as inflating like a hot air balloon, glowing, or being able to spit out the fruit's juices in a stream. Yoshi joins Smash Bros., hailing from his own franchise, a sub-series to the Super Mario franchise.

General Information

Offense 4/10 Origin Super Mario World 
Defense 4.5/10 Release Date November 21,1990
Projectile 9/10 Home Stage Jungle Hut (Wii U),Catch the Breeze (3DS) 
Height 4.5/10 Voice Actor/Actress Kazumi Totaka
Weight 5/10 Friends Mario,Luigi,Peach and the babys
Speed 7/10 Taunt Up  Yoshi spins around once before waving his arms and cheering at the camera,"Yoshi! "Yoshi!"
Attack Speed 7/10 Taunt Down Yoshi chases his tail momentarily before catching it in joy.
Recovery 8.5/10 Taunts Side  Yoshi spins around on one foot and holds up a peace sign to the camera and chants "Yooshiiii!"
Throwing 8/10 Entrance A Yoshi Egg is thrown onto the stage, hatching Yoshi who dances briefly.
Final Smash 7/10 Platform Yoshi returns to the stage on a Winged Cloud.
Overall 6.45/10 Kirby Hat  Kirby gains a hat resembling the top portion of Yoshi's head.

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