Yoshi SSB3M

Yoshi, the funny dinosaur, is ready for fight! He is a veteran of the series and, using his high jumps and his eggs, he will win the fight! He is a jumper and his main element is Plant.

Special Moves

Standard Special: Egg Lay. By using his tongue, Yoshi will trap the enemy in the some eggs and he will inflict 7% of damage.

Side Special: Egg Launch. Yoshi will throw an egg and inflicts 6% of damage.

Up Special: Wings. Yoshi will jump high by using his new wings.

Down Special: Yoshi Bomb. Just like Bowser but weaker (15% of damage)

Final Smash: Yoshi Great Team. Other 7 Yoshi will appear in the stage for 30 seconds and you can control they. Every one will be controlled at the same time but the original will be invulnerable.

Special Ability: Hyperjump. Yoshi's second jump is the highest in the game. This ability is still the same when Yoshi gets a Metal Box too.

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