Yoshi (SSBD)
Yoshi SSBD
Mario's Loyal Steed
Full Name Yoshi
Current Age 22
Gender Male
Location Yoshi Village, Yoshi's Island, Mushroom Kingdom
Current Status Alive
Class Player Character
Yoshi's Island, Mario Bros., Super Smash Bros.
First Appearance Super Mario World (canon); Super Mario Bros.: Year One (SSBD)
Latest Appearance Super Smash Bros.: Doomsday

Yoshi is a member of the Yoshi race, multi-colored reptiles that have been compared to dinosaurs. The Yoshis dwell on Yoshi's Island, a tropical island located in the sea south of the Mushroom Kingdom (although Yoshis have been seen living comfortably in other places, most notably the nearby landmass of Dinosaur Land). Peace-loving, vegetarian creatures, the Yoshis prefer to keep to themselves, although they are not usually hostile to visitors.

Early in Mario's career as champion of the Mushroom Kingdom, he and Luigi were invited by Princess Peach to accompany her on a much-needed vacation in Dinosaur Land. Little did they know that Bowser, having twice been defeated by the Mario Bros., was seeking to conquer the poorly-defended Dinosaur Land as a staging point for a third invasion of the Mushroom Kingdom. He attacked the group upon their arrival, stranding the Mario Bros. on Yoshi's Island and abducting the Princess once more.

Regaining their bearings, Mario and Luigi soon stumbled across Yoshi, who was being held captive by Bowser's soldiers. Once they freed him, Yoshi managed to communicate with the brothers, telling them that Bowser had similarly captured the other members of his tribe, seeing them as a potential threat. In order to help them, Yoshi teamed up with the Mario Bros., lending his aid in the eventual victory against Bowser. Afterwards, Yoshi chose to remain on his island with his fellows, although he has happily assisted the Mario Bros. several times since then.

Yoshi's most recent adventure came when he was summoned by Master and Crazy Hand to do battle with the mad tyrant Dr. Doom and his Acts of Vengeance. To allow him to communicate with his new allies, Master Hand has gifted him with the power of human speech, although whether or not this ability will remain following the crisis remains to be seen.


Like his brethren, Yoshi is a dinosaur-like creature equipped with a long, chameleon-like tongue, and the ability to swallow almost anything. Once he has swallowed something, Yoshi can lay it out inside an egg, which is strong enough to be used as a powerful projectile. These eggs are unfertilized, and should not be confused with eggs produced by normal means.

Yoshi's legs are extraordinarily powerful, and he is able to inflict devastating kicks. He can run at speeds of up to 56 mph., and can even hover in the air for a short time by kicking rapidly in place. In addition, Yoshi's back is strong enough for him to carry a passenger (usually Mario or Luigi) for long periods of time.

Previously, Yoshi could only speak the language of the Yoshis, although Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and their allies could understand him due to their familiarity. However, for easier communication with his Super Smash Bros. allies, Master Hand granted him the ability to speak fluent English.

Battle Moves


Egg Toss

Flutter Kick

Ground Pound

Smash Move

Yoshi Stampede


Character Selected

"I'm ready to help!"


"I'll help however I can!"

"You can count on me!"

Entering Battle

"They don't look friendly!"

"I see the bad guys!"

"Are we going to fight them?"

"They won't stop us!"

Healing Ally

"You look like you could use some fruit!"

"I'll be right there!"

"That looked like it hurt!"

"I won't leave you!"

Smash Move

"Let's get them, guys!"

Low Health

"That smarts!"

"Help me out here!"

"So hungry..."

"We can't lose this fight!"

Battle Lost

"We did what we could, right?"

"This is getting out of hand!"

"We'll have to do better!"

"Let's get to safety!"

Battle Won

"Yes! We did it!"

"I'm hungry. How about an after-battle snack?"

"This is tiring work!"

"I won't let the island be endangered!"