Yoshi (Lumoshi's Cookies: War)
Universe Mario
Smash Appearances
Lumoshi's Cookies: War
Availability Starter
Yoshi is one of the eight starting characters in Lumoshi's Cookies: War.


Normal movesEdit

  • Normal: Yoshi does a quick attack at enemies. Does 4-6% of damage.
  • Up: Yoshi does a kick upwards. Does 5-8% damage.
  • Side: Yoshi does a punch to the side. Does 4-7% damage.
  • Down: Yoshi jumps and does a quick ground pound. Does 9% damage.

Special movesEdit

  • Normal: Yoshi swings his tail around at opponents to whack them. Deals 12-15% damage.
  • Up: Yoshi throws a massive Yoshi Egg at opponents. Deals 15-18% damage.
  • Side: Yoshi does an egg roll. Deals 10-14% damage.
  • Down: Yoshi crouches and whacks the opponent. Deals 8-10% damage.

Amiibo movesEdit

Yoshi's moves accessible through Amiibo are as follows. They can be swapped out with special moves.

  • Normal: Yoshi sticks his tongue out to eat the opponent. Deals 8-10% damage.
  • Up: Yoshi jumps and whacks the opponent. Deals 16-20% damage.
  • Side: Yoshi shoots an egg in a horizontal manner. Deals 12-15% damage.
  • Down: Yoshi does a massive ground pound. Deals 18-20% damage.

Finale moveEdit

Yoshi transforms into a massive egg and can roll around the stage. Deals 35-45% damage.