Studio(s) Keyhole Movie Studios
Distributor(s) Paramount
Type Computer Animated
Genre(s) Adventure/Comedy
Country of Origin All the World
Theatrical Release Date(s)
August 15, 2013
Home Edition Release Date(s)
August 18, 2013
Age Rating(s)
Original Language USA
Budget 5 millions.
Box Office 12 millions.
Runtime 115min.
Series Yoshi

Yoshi (aka Yoshi: The Movie) is a movie released in 2013 that tells the story of Yoshi and his friends. It was created by Keyhole Movie Studios and published by Paramount Pictures with the license of Nintendo. It will be released in August. The movie features stars of Hollywood and the soundtrack is composed by Kazumi Totaka and other persons of Nintendo. This movie feature a new character Yoshetta.

In August 18, 2013, the DVD/Blu-Ray has been released, featuring Making Of, Trailers, Interviews, stories featuring the characters, Fails and a 30-min long documentary telling the origin of Yoshi, the creation of the character and more. The Blu-Ray edition recieved a bonus extra, featuring several cutscenes from the movie, along with a new part of the Making Of saying that a Act 4 was planned but it didn't make the cut to the final movie.


The movie is seperated in 3 acts, each one have 35 minutes of duration.

Act 1

Once upon a time in a little land called "Yoshi's Island", a new "Yoshi" was born, nobody knows but he was going to save the land on the feature, this Yoshi was called... eh... Yoshi. He started to live his adventure since a child, when a evil mage decided to trap him on a book.

One day, Yoshi was playing with his friends, when Kamek appeared and trapped Yoshi and his friends inside a book to stole the Super Happy Tree. Yoshi meet Hongo, a spirit who helps his parents when they got in something similiar to what happen with Yoshi and his friends now. Yoshi and his friends decided to take a step on his journey, Hongo said the only way to escape from that Book is defeating Baby Bowser. Yoshi and their friends made their journey, they entered forests, caves with giant lava monsters, climbing towers, traveling over dangerous jungles, entering in the seas to the end finds Bowser's Castle, but before Yoshi and their friends had to complete four quests in four different castles, they must find the four pieces of the Super Happy Heart, during the journey, Yoshi's friends got captured by the Toadies, Yoshi couldn't do nothing to save him, at the end Yoshi finally found the Bowser's Castle, the castle was a nightmare, but at the end the last challenge, Baby Bowser, who trapped his friends inside a cage, Yoshi did everything to trying defeat Baby Bowser, but, Baby Bowser's strenght and Kamek's traps make the battle more harder to Yoshi, Kamek throw a magic to Yoshi, making him beeing defeated, the Yoshi's friends decided to prey to him, Hongo heard they preys and used the Super Happy Heart to upgrade Yoshi's power, Yoshi wake up and defeated Baby Bowser and Kamek, Yoshi saved his friends, Hongo leaved Yoshi and his friends back to the real world and leave the Super Happy Tree along him. But this wasn't the Yoshi's last journey...

Act 2

Few months later, Yoshi got trapped in the book once again and Hongo was there to save him, however, Hongo wanted to know if Yoshi is worthy to escape from the land, then he contacted the spirits and Yoshi got a new challenge.

Months later after Yoshi defeated Baby Bowser, Kamek returned and gained control of Hongo, Hongo (under control of Kamek) trapped Yoshi inside a book and challenged him to defeat all the Spirit's tasks. The first one that he meets was the Spirit of Greed, who challenged Yoshi in a competition for coins, Yoshi and Spirit of Greed must go into the Gold Coin Pyramid and collect the maxium number of coins without being get by the traps. Yoshi failed at the first attempt, after training, Yoshi wanted revenge, this time Yoshi won the challenge in a record time, the Spirit of Greed leaved Yoshi to the next Spirit, who was waiting Yoshi for a challenge, Spirit of Cuteness. This time, the Spirit of Cuteness challenged Yoshi in a beauty contest, strangely, Yoshi won for some strange reason. Meanwhile, Hongo/Kamek started to get mad with the spirits saying that their challenges are too easy, he contacted the spirits and commanded they to make impossible challenges. Yoshi's next challenge was the Spirit of Power, who challenged Yoshi in a power battle, the challenge was to break a wall only running and slamming at the wall. Spirit of Power started the challenge, he breaked the wall, now it's Yoshi's time, the Spirit of Power cheated by trading the Stone Wall by a Metal Wall, Yoshi couldn't breaked the Metal Wall and the Spirit of Power starts laugh at him, Yoshi wanted Revenge, Spirit of Power accepted. This time, Yoshi cheated too, he used a Dash Pepper to make possible to break the wall, he breaked it, suprised, the Spirit of Power accepted defeat and pointed to Yoshi the location of the next Spirit, The Spirit of Kindness, the Spirit of Kindness challenge was... beat her in a kindess contest? Like what happen during the beauty contest, Yoshi won, strangely, the next challenge was against the Spirit of Fright. The Spirit of Fright challenge was scary more people than him, Yoshi got a halloween costumed and started to scary people, at the end, Yoshi won and the Spirit of Fright teleported Yoshi to the Spirit of Speed, the penultimate challenge, the Spirit of Speed challenged Yoshi in a race, the Spirit of Speed is more faster than Yoshi, but, Yoshi decided to use shortcuts and the Dash Pepper to won the race and he did it. At last, he found a castle, the castle was filled up with joke traps, set up by the Spirit Who Likes Suprises, Yoshi dodged all the traps at the top of tower, the Spirit Who Likes Surprises didn't let Yoshi enter in the Hongo's Room, instead, he had to defeat him in a balloon-battle challenge, Yoshi won and entered the Hongo's Room, strangely, Hongo attacked Yoshi and said that it was going to be the last time that Yoshi would ruin his plains, Yoshi, confused, battled against Hongo, the battle was hard, but at the end, Yoshi defeated Hongo using his Dragon form, Kamek freed from Hongo and Hongo cames back from normal, leaving Yoshi back to the real world, again.

Act 3

10 years later, Bowser grown up and Kamek make him adult by using a magic on him, Bowser attacked the Yoshi's Island to make his revenge against Yoshi.

Sometime ago, a little pink yoshi nicknamed Yoshetta, was looking at the skies seeing the stars, then Rosalina appeared, Rosalina and Yoshetta became great friends. To make Yoshetta her sucessor, Rosalina teached to Yoshetta how to summon stars and also give to her a special Magic Wand. Few years later, Lumette appeared on Yoshetta's 10th Birthday, becoming Yoshetta's best friend. Meanwhile, Hongo was training Yoshi to protect the island from evil forces, at the end of the training, Hongo gave to Yoshi a sword, the legendary sword that Yoshi's father used to protect the Island once. As a surprise, Bowser and Kamek appeared on the Airship attacking the island and capturing every Yoshi, Yoshi decided to stop Bowser's Revenge, but, Kamek used a magic spell that automatically KO'd Yoshi. Few minutes later, Yoshi wakes up in a weird forest maze, he meets Yoshetta, who also got lost at the forest, Yoshi decided to take Yoshetta back to home, Hongo appeared to guide the heroes through the maze, after 35 mins, the group finally get away from the maze, Yoshi decided to defeat Bowser once for all, Yoshetta decided to help, Yoshi decided to be sneaky, finding a better path to attack Bowser and he don't notice. He climbed the giantest mountain of the Yoshi's Island and jumped into the airship, he jump in direction of Bowser, to attack him, Kamek tried to use the same magic spell that KO'd Yoshi before, but, this time Yoshetta protected him, Yoshi and Bowser started to fight, meanwhile, Yoshetta was protecting Yoshi from Kamek's spells, Bowser was much more powerful than before, Yoshi was starting to lose the fight, the Spirits decided to help him by giving a extra boost, Yoshi got more stronger but still he was losing the fight, almost being defeated, Bowser decided to charge up to the final blow, but then, Geno appeared and deflected Bowser's Fireball, Geno healed Yoshi and then both started to fight, Bowser falled from the Airship and the Airship exploded, the heroes got on the land safely, but, Geno disappeared. Yoshetta gives a kiss on Yoshi and the movie ends.

But the Yoshi's journey didn't end here...





McDonalds decided to make Yoshi toys as a special gift to who buy the McKids launch. Yoshi, Hongo, Baby Yoshi and Yoshette toys has been released two weaks after the release of the game.

Online Games

Two online games were created to promote the game, Yoshi's Treasure Hunt and Yoshi Chase, the first one, feature Yoshi in a point 'n' click adventure where he have to find 4 treasures and the second one is a game where Yoshi needs to chase Kamek and get her at the end. At the end of both games, a trailer of the movie shows up and at the end a message making a ad for the movie.

Video Game

Keyhole Gaming announced a game based on it, called Yoshi for the EXGamer.


The movie was recieved generally with positive reviews, Metacritic's score is 89%, most of the critics says that the cast is very good and the animation was very nice, however, some points like some parts of the acts being pointless make this movie recieve a average score of 72%.


In October 4, 2013, a sequel has been announced with the name Yoshi 2: The New Journey, featuring most of the cast of this movie along new persons and new characters



  • This is first time where Yoshi speaks english (or other languages depending of the region).
  • The movie was originally going to be called Yoshi: The Birth of a Hero but later renamed to Yoshi. The reason of the rename is unknown.
  • At the end of Act 3, Yoob makes a cameo, he appears climbing a mountain.
  • Act 3's plot has been changed, the original plot involved Geno in a journey to defeat Bowser, asking for Yoshi and Yoshetta to help they.
  • In one of the DVD's interviews, the voicer of Geno, Daniel Day-Lewis, states that Geno has meet Yoshi when he was a child. This make some fans create thoeries about Geno and Yoshi's link. Some even says that Geno is Yoshi's father before becoming a Star.
  • Each of three acts is based on a Yoshi game:
    • Act 1 is based on Yoshi's Story.
    • Act 2 is based on Yoshi's Topsy Turvy.
    • Act 3 looks like a story that occours after Yoshi's Topsy Turvy and before Yoshi's Island.