YoshiOeuf is the codename for a YoshiEgg game developed by Twenty-Second Choice for the Wii U, Hybrid Fusion and NextGen Bluevolt.


The story alternately follows Tulip Nook and Antony.

Tulip Nook's story begins when she accompanies YoshiEgg Nook on a visit to the mining planet Florlen upon hearing reports of Assailants in the area. While exploring one of the local mines, a cave-in happens that seperates YoshiEgg and Tulip from each other. Reluctantly, Tulip sets out to explore and find another way out.

Meanwhile, Antony (a tanooki who is possibly related to YoshiEgg) predicts, through unknown means, that he will die in five days. He decides to spend those five days helping his hometown of Cesatia by assisting an underground rebel movement hoping to free the people from the oppression of the corrupt government.


During the game, you control Tulip Nook and attempt to explore the cave in a Metroidvania-esque manner, while fighting off Assailants. The game has a relatively non-linear structure, with multiple paths available to take and no definite order on which rooms to explore first.



  • Ray Gun
  • Grappling Hook



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