The story for YoshiEgg Reconciliation...


The story begins with a black screen. Then, golden letters appear that spell "We are all here for a purpose..." Then, static appears for a couple seconds, disappears, and the black screen cuts to a large metal dome-like room, filled with Assailants. There is a circle of Assailants. In the middle of the circle are Orok & Rhode, both in fighting positions, ready to attack. "What are these things?!" asks Orok. "Assailants." says Rhode, "Creepy little buggers, am I right?" "Yeah..." says Orok, "But they can't be worse than the Habits... Let's finish them!" At that, Orok and Rhode begin to slay the Assailants with their Keyblades. After defeating them all, the two Keyblade masters are standing back to back, both out of breath. "Piece of cake..." says Orok. "Yeah..." says Rhode, "Glad that's over..." Suddenly, Time Holes begin to open up, releasing more and more Assailants. They crowd around the two Keyblade Masters, ready to attack. Still back to back, Orok and Rhode get back into their fighting positions. "Oh, YoshiEgg..." says Rhode, "We need ya', buddy... Where are you?"

Chapter 1: Into the Cosmos

On the baron, dry, and metallic planetoid of Laser Tagged, there stood a lone hero. That hero was YoshiEgg Nook. He was standing near what was apparently called "Rain's Cave", not daring to sit on the rock where the "little girl" once sat... YE was staring at the vast, deep space ahead of the planetoid on which he was standing, the wind blowing through his green fur. He looked determined and deep in thought, waiting for something to happen, as if his entire destiny was going to unfold in front of him at that very moment. A shooting star shot diagonally from the top right side of his vision of space to his bottom left side. A few seconds after, three other shooting stars, all in a triangular formation, shot after the star. YE was puzzled at this and looked at the sky very strangely. Suddenly, a peach-colored Luma with a red hat and orange overalls shot up from behind YE and the planetoid. He looked frightened, and YE immediately realized that the shooting star was this Luma. He also knew this Luma from somewhere, but he couldn't quite put his finger on it until his mind suddenly concieved Lumarry as the Luma hid behind him, trembling. Shortly after, three Assailants wearing jet packs slowly ascended from where Lumarry had ascended from and landed on the dusty surface behind YE and Lumarry, and the Tanooki & Luma turned around to see the monsters, ready to attack. At this, Lumarry cowered a little more, then calmed down. He and this green Tanooki could defeat these monsters, and he knew exactly how. Suddenly, Lumarry lept on top of YE's head. At first, YE was confused, but he then somehow knew what Lumarry was going to do. The young Luma seeped into YoshiEgg's head, giving YE the power of the stars. Now with the mighty Star Spin power, YE & Lumarry began to attack...


The Assailants, their jetpacks severely damaged, spiraled off of the planetoid and into the deep, endless space below. Lumarry then came out of YE's head and the two shared a high-five. Then, Lumarry pointed to a Launch Star that had seemed to just appear there. He and YE exchanged looks. Then, they exchanged adventurous smiles, and Lumarry went back inside YE's head, and YE jumped into the Launch Star and blasted off, embarking on his greatest adventure yet...

Chapter 2: The Swim

Ah, the sea. The wildlife, the water, that cool, crisp ocean breeze... But, all was not as calm on this day... Bloop was in the water, floating there uneasily. He looked around about 4 times, shifting his electric green eyes from side to side, looking to see if the coast was clear. Then, his eyes closed for a few seconds, and then he darted forward, at full speed. Bloop was looking for something...


After swimming (and spinning to defeat enemies) through a fairly small part of the sea, Bloop came upon a sea cave. He looked around again, then swam into the cave. Deep inside the cave was a treasure chest with dozens of locks and chains on it. It was sealed to the sandy sea ground. He stared at the chest for a few seconds, as if reuniting with an old friend. He knew he had to get this chest open, for, and no one else knew about this but him, the fate of the kingdom depended on it. So, Bloop looked around the sea cave floor and finally found a sharp Porcu-Puffer's spike to cut the locks with. He cut most of the locks, except one. The final lock was at the bottom of the chest, and the bottom of the chest was sealed tightly to the floor. He would have to un-seal the chest from the ground, somehow. So, Bloop spun three times and the chest came loose. He opened it, revealing a box with a wood and metal box with a metal lens on it that resembled a camera. It was the mighty Picture Box. With this instrument, the user could take a picture of someone and steal their soul, storing it in the picture that it took. Bloop marveled at the sacred object for a few seconds, then took it in his tentacles and darted forward.


Bloop finally came to a mound of sand. He floated out of the water and onto the beach. "I have to keep this safe..." said Bloop, "I can't take any chances with this..." Suddenly, Bloop noticed a crack in the picture box. He gasped as he watched the entire thing crack open, revealing the pictures of people who's souls had been stolen. Most of them were black and white, meaning that the previous owner of the box had harvested the soul inside for their own nefarious purpose. However, some were in color, meaning that there was still a soul inside, waiting to be released. Suddenly, Bloop couldn't help himself... He started flipping through the pictures. He came across a strangely familiar picture... It was his parents!! Bloop was in shock. He had been searching for his long-lost parents for years. The picture was black and white. Someone had stolen his parent's soul.

More to come...

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