YoshiEgg Nook & The Christmas Wish is the first ever YoshiEgg fan-fic by Bomb Productions Games, so please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a holiday special.


"So wait..." said Bloop, very confused, "Who is this Santa Claus guy again?"

YoshiEgg Nook sighed in dismay. He let out a low-pitched "Yup..." and showed Bloop the book again.

"Wow..." said Bloop, absorbed in the book, "So, this guy comes into your house and gives you presents? Is that even legal?"

"Of course it's legal..." said Tulip Nook, just walking in.

"But, Tulip..." said Bloop, "It's like breaking and entering!"

"Well, he doesn't steal anything..." said Tulip, "He gives you things. Under your Christmas Tree."

"This is all so confusing..." said Bloop, "How come he never comes here?"

"Because Fantendo is a bit... Unaccessable to the guy..."

YoshiEgg nodded in agreement.

"But how come? Can't he just fly over here on his reindeer and what not?"

"It's not that easy, Bloop..." said Tulip, "Like I said, Fantendo isn't an easy place to reach..."

"Aw man!" said Bloop, "And here I was, hoping I'd get a gift and some Christmas cheer!" Bloop hung his head and floated away.

"Poor guy..." said Tulip, "I wish he - and all of us - could get a visit from Santa..."

YoshiEgg nodded in agreement again as Tulip left the room.

                                       *                                                *                                                *

Later that night, YoshiEgg sat by his Christmas tree. Bloop had been in his room for the entire night. He seemed pretty depressed about the Santa Claus thing. So, YoshiEgg, not being able to talk, made a Christmas wish in his mind...

More to come...

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