YoshiEgg Disruption is a 2D "run n' gun" game in the YoshiEgg Series for the PC. It is being made on Game Maker by YoshiEgg (tbc), JesseRoo (tbc), and others, including the possible participation of some McLeodGaming forum members. So far, it is the first and only YE game to be in the "run n' gun" style, the first to be released on the PC, and the first to be made into a real game. It is currently in the very early stages of development, but a demo is set to be released soon.




The gameplay resembles that of classic Metal Slug titles and other games in the "run n' gun" genre. In the game, you, as YE Nook, must use your ever-growing arsenal of weapons to defeat enemies. You start out with the basic Laser Blaster, which can shoot three shots in a row before having to quickly reload. Throughout the game, you find more weapons, which are put in your personal arsenal, available in the Pause Menu. You can switch out your weapons, each with different abilities, at any time. Weapons are usually obtained after defeating bosses. The game's worlds are represented in different planets that YE visits during the game, and levels are represented by the different areas. A lot of enemies are usually in the levels, which you must defeat to progress. (Not all of them, however.) Bosses appear at the end of each world, and defeating them will allow you to progress to the next planet.

More to come...





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