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This is YoshiEgg Nook's story mode in YoshiEgg DSi...

Chapter 1: Seabound...

YoshiEgg, Bloop, McBoo, O' Lanturn, RedYoshi, and King Boo were tied up on the colossal pirate ship. A pirate came in. The pirate looked young and the gang had seen him sailing the ship, probably meaning he was the captain. "You most likely know why you're here, don't you?" asked the captain. His voice sounded like he was fifteen. "Well, actually..." said Bloop. "I didn't ask you to speak!" barked the captain, glaring at Bloop, "Now, WHERE IS IT?" "Where is what?" asked McBoo. "Don't play dumb with me!" barked the captain, "Where is the Picture Box?!" "Picture Box?" asked King Boo, "You mean like a camera?" "Look..." said the young captain, "I'm a nice guy, really. And I've heard about you, Nook. I'm proud of your heroism. But, I know for a fact that you have the Picture Box. So, please hand it over and we'll set you free." YoshiEgg shrugged. "Captain," said O' Lanturn, "We have no idea what you're talking about." Bloop looked nervous. He was sweating. It was almost as he knew something they didn't... "Why don't you just cooperate?" asked the captain, "You know the fate of the world depends on that box! We want to help!" When the gang said nothing, the captain untied them and started searching them for the box. He found nothing. "I guess you really don't have it, don't you?" asked the captain. "I'm terribly sorry." "It's cool." said McBoo, "But what did you mean when you said 'the fate of the world depends on that box'?" "Well," said the young captain, "Before I tell you that story, I need to tell you my story... My great-grandfather was captured by the previous captain of this ship about 2,000 years ago. As you can imagine, he was scared, considering the captain was the leader of a gang of the most evil pirates of them all. So, he killed the captain. Little did he know that all pirate ships always need a pirate captain, so he was dubbed immortal by the crew until another new crew member killed him like he killed the captain, and was the new captain of the ship. He and his crew were the most ruthless pirate gang on the seven seas. Then, he had a son. My grandfather. He was forced to take on the family business and his father trained him to be a pirate. At about my age, he went mad. He couldn't take life on the sea anymore. He went on a rampage and killed three crew members, including his father. So, he was dubbed captain. The cycle went on like that for a while, and then my father had me. I didn't kill him, though. He died of old age and a bit of scurvy. So, here I am, one of the youngest captains in pirate history. My name's William Scratch." "Hey, William." said King Boo, "Nice to meet ya'. Now, what about the Picture Box?" "Oh..." said William, "That... OK. About at the time of my great-grandfather's capture, there had been a legend going on. The legend was that there was a box that could take pictures, like your modern day camera. But, when this camera took a picture, it captured someone's soul. The pirate kings found the box in a sea cave and locked it up in a treasure chest. Every 100 years, one pirate king goes down to where they hid the box to see if it was still there..." "Let me guess..." said McBoo, "It wasn't there this time..." "Right you are." said William, "I thought some people like you were using it for good, but we needed the box for...our own purposes. So, we kidnapped you to get the box back. Since you don't have it, I fear for the worst..." "So there's some evil dude going around stealing people's souls?!" asked McBoo. "Yes." said William, "And we need your help to get it back..."

Chapter 2: The Box is Found, But the Quest is Far From Over....

The ship sailed for a day, but still no Picture Box to be found. Bloop had been going underwater, going in every sea cave, trying to find the chest. After a couple hours of that, when all hope was lost, Bloop went under one more time and found a chest, heavily locked with chains and many locks. Bloop came back up and YoshiEgg and William carried it in the ship. "Now," said William, "We need to be extremely cautious with unlocking this chest. Who knows what kind of...." But, before William could finish his sentence, YoshiEgg cut all the locks open with a spike-ball and opened the chest. Everyone crowded around the chest as William picked up the Picture Box...

More To Come!!!

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