YoshiEgg DSi is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YOSHEHYoshiEgg Say a prayer for the family...Hey, Hey! It's Jerry!, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the sixth game in the YoshiEgg (series) and the last one plotwise. This game has two trancending storylines, one is YoshiEgg's, the other is Bloop's. Bloop's story is only in flashbacks. Most of the two stories will be in fan-fiction form.

YoshiEgg's Story

A plane was about to land on the Delfino Airstrip. On the plane was YoshiEgg Nook, Bloop, McBooO' Lanturn, RedYoshi, and King Boo. They were all going on a vacation to escape the dangerous life and have a nice, peaceful vacation in the top vacation spot in The Mushroom Kingdom. After landing and going on the beach, the friends started relaxing and hanging out together. Unfortunately, after about an hour of peace, a gigantic pirate ship docked on the sand. All of the crew came out and kidnapped the gang. After getting tied up on the ship, it was revealed that the captain of the ship was a young pirate named William Scratch who inherited the ship, but didn't really want to be captain at all. He asked them where the "Picture Box" was, but they didn't know what he was talking about. So, William Scratch told them that in ancient pirate times, a mysterious box was found that, when a picture was taken, would steal the soul of whoever's picture was taken with it. Knowing that this was a powerful weapon, many pirates had tried to steal it. After contacting the pirate council, William Scratch's ancestor had convinced them to lock it in a treasure chest and put it in a forbidden sea cave. Now, it was missing, and YE and friends had agreed to get it back from The Groo & Dr. Claw, the real culprits who had stolen it.

Bloop's Story

Every time Bloop saw the "Picture Device", Bloop had many flashbacks to his past before he met YoshiEgg. He had gone on quite an adventure, but he couldn't tell anyone...


  • YoshiEgg (playable in one storyline)
  • Bloop (playable in both storylines)
  • McBoo (helper)
  • O' Lanturn (helper)
  • RedYoshi (helper)
  • King Boo (helper)
  • William Scratch (playable in one storyline)


  • The Groo - Teams up with Dr. Claw to kill all the Pirate Kings and steal the Picture Box so that they can use it to steal people's souls.
  • Dr. Claw - Teams up with The Groo to do the above task.
  • Haunty Mole - Appears as a boss and is one of The Groo's and Dr. Claw's goons.
  • BlackYoshi - Appears as an optional miniboss and is another one of The Groo's and Dr. Claw's goons.
  • Neptune - The god of the sea. He appears as an entity that makes storms and ocean troubles on both sides and is never seen in person.


Coming Soon!!!




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