YoshiEgg DS is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a game by YoshiEgg (tbc), please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is the second game in the YoshiEgg series and it is for the Nintendo DS. (Durr!)


YoshiEgg Nook was working and living peacefully in his little shack by Luigi's Mansion, now King Boo's Mansion, and business was great. One day, when business was extremely good, a wealthy looking businessman came by the shack and wanted to buy YoshiEgg's business for a ton of money and make it a chain item store. Now, YoshiEgg loved his shack, and, if he weren't brainwashed by the power of money, he wouldn't have given it away. But, he did, and he got millions of dollars for it. A day later, YoshiEgg already discovered that his decision was not the right one. All of the chain stores were huge energy wasters that hurt the environment. The original one next to King Boo's Mansion was the biggest, most energy wasting one of them all, which made it hard to breathe for the residents of the mansion. These stores didn't even sell licenses and lessons to ride Yoshis, they just gave them away to random people and treated them horribly. And, to top it all off, YoshiEgg discovered that the wealthy businessman was the Groo in disguise! That was the last straw! The next day, YoshiEgg went on a journey to shut down the chain of supermarkets and defeat the Groo once and for all, who was at the edge of The Mushroom Kingdom. The Groo later learns about this and sends his goons to stop YoshiEgg from getting to him, for with the amount of money he was making, the Groo could buy the Mushroom Kingdom. YoshiEgg (of course) found out about this, too, and set off with some of his friends to defeat the fiend.

Playable Characters & Helpers:

YoshiEgg (default)

McBoo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them)

RedYoshi (helper) (eats enemies and poops them out in eggs. They don't come out for three seconds)

King Boo (helper) (licks enemies and stuns them for longer than McBoo)

Yoshi (helper) (turns enemies into eggs and they don't come out for five seconds)


Coming Soon!!!

Nintendo WFC:

Using Nintendo WFC, a new feature to the YoshiEgg series, you can play minigames with your friends from all over the world! You can also go in a WFC Room and chat with your friends there! Also in the WFC Room, there are sneak-peaks of new games in the YoshiEgg series and others from Bomb Productions Games! One of the sneak-peaks is actually two five-minute demos of the newest Bomb Productions, Kirby Yellow and Starfy 'Pink'!


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