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This episode is maked by Uil Team, guy that created Dashed Koopa and YoshiEgg: Time Travel Adventures. Have fun reading!

After YoshiEgg's and Bloop's latest adventure...

Bloop: Ouch... Im so tired. There was too many adventures, and we still haven't go on vacation. YoshiEgg, we must rest.

YoshiEgg Nook: Yup!

Bloop: Lets go to Tulip's house. Maybe she have a something good for us!

YE: Yup!

After saying this, both friends go to Tulip's house.

Tulip Nook: Hi! What you doing here?

Bloop: We come here to rest, and maybe eat something.

Tulip Nook: Sorry, i don't have anything for you today.

Bloop: Too bad...

Tulip Nook: Well, if you want to know, i got something. I got this from someone.

Bloop: It's a broadside... I will read it.

Bloop start to read this broadside.

Bloop (reading): Come to Tanooki City! Our city is preety silent, and is ideal for vacation. If you buy ship for Tanooki City, we will offer you a bonus house here! If you would like to go, please cut off the Yes world on bottom of broadside, and buy ticket.

Tulip Nook: Lets buy three tickets! YoshiEgg, do you want to go?

YE: Yup!

YoshiEgg cut the Yes word and the tree go to port.

Tulip Nook: We want to buy three tickets to Tanooki City!

Ticket Tanooki: First show me the Yes word.

YoshiEgg gives Ticket Tanooki the Yes word.

Ticket Tanooki: Great. It's 3.60 tanooki cents.

Bloop gives him money, and the three enter ship.

Next Day...

Ship Captain: We're in Tanooki City port!

Bloop: You hear this? Let's get out of here.

When they get out of ship, heroes started to do sightseeing city.

Tulip: Wow, this city is beautiful! Hey, i see our house.

Bloop: Our house is preety big. Let's see what is inside.

Bloop opened the door to house.

Bloop: It look even more better that outside!

Tulip: Hey look... something is outside our house.


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