PROGRAMMED BY YoshiEgg (tbc)

On another beach...

(PKB swims back to shore on a different beach, very tired. He lays down and pants as the public runs and plays around him)

PKB: I sure (pant) hope (pant) Bloop's (pant) OK... (pant)

(PKB sits up and gazes into the water, expecting to see the black Time Hole shrinking. There is nothing in the water but Cheep-Cheeps.)

PKB: I guess I should go back to my place, now...

(PKB gets up and walks out of the beach and into a forest, then stops and gives himself a facepalm.)

PKB: I'm nowhere near my house!!

???: Purple Koopa Bro.?

(PKB turns around to see Tulip Nook)

PKB: Tulip! Thank God! Hey, have you seen...

Tulip: YoshiEgg? No. Not for days. I'm really worried...

PKB: Me, too...

Tulip: Uhh, why are you soaking wet?

PKB: I got washed up on the shore of a different beach and saw Bloop. I didn't know how I got there. But, when I was in the water, I noticed that the water was uneasy. When I saw Bloop, I told him to run, 'cause I had this weird feeling in my gut. But, it was too late, because this huge tsunami formed behind us. Bloop thought he heard his parents in the wave, so he jumped in and took me with him. As we were swimming through the debris, I saw this weird light bubble. I didn't know what came over me, then. I was attracted to it like a moth. I couldn't stop myself from touching it. Suddenly, this enormous black Time Hole formed, and I wanted to run, but Bloop assumed that his parents were in there, so he went in. Then, I just left. Don't know if he's dead or not, but he's probably in some other dimension. Those things are crazy...

Tulip: No! Bloop can't be gone, too! C'mon, PKB, we've gotta' sort this out!

PKB: Right behind ya'!

(The two go running deeper into the woods.)

PKB: (Tired and gasping for air) Wait... (pant) Tulip... (pant) Hold up...

Tulip: (Still running) C'mon, slowpoke! We don't have time for this!

PKB: OK! Sheesh! Can't a ninjakoopa be a little tired?

(Suddenly, Tulip & PKB hear a rustling in the trees. After a few seconds, The Groo falls from the tree and lands on his feet in front of the two, along with two red Groos)

The Groo: Hello, friends...

PKB & Tulip: The Groo?!?

The Groo: BRAWHAWHAWHAWHAW!!! Yes, The Groo. And this time, I've brought along some of my ressurrected Groos... Now, YoshiEgg Nook prepare to die!!

(All pause, confused)


PKB: Gone. We haven't seen him in forever. Plus, I thought you were more-or-less on the good side, now.

The Groo: Well, somebody trashed my fortress, and I wanna' know who!

Tulip: Look, Groo, we don't know. But, it couldn't have been YE because he's gone missing. We're trying to find him.

The Groo: Well, I guess I'd better help, but you have to help me find out who trashed my fortress. (Turns to Groos) Groos, dispurse!

(Groos run away while Tulip, PKB, and The Groo run farther into the forest)

Back somewhere in the Mushroom Kingdom...

(Clyde & YE arrive at McBoo's Mansion and rest at YE's Shack)

Clyde: Ahh... (Picks up a Mushroom and takes a bite) Home sweet home, right, YoshiEgg?

YE: (Sighs and gives a peaceful and relieved "Yuuup...")

(Suddenly, the doors of McBoo's Mansion swing open and out comes about 100 frightened Boos.)

Clyde: (Waving arms up to the Boos) Hey! Wait! What's wrong?!

Pink Boo: (Flies down) It's them! Ooohh! It's them! They're here!

(Pink Boo flies away)

Clyde: (Calling after it) Hold on!! Who's here?!

(The doors of the mansion fly off their hinges and out come Spectur & Spiryt, a vortex of spirits behind them.)

Spectur: Hello, Nook...

(YE gets in a battle pose and gets out Laser Blaster)

Clyde: (To YE) When did you get that?

YE: (Shrugs shoulders, not looking at Clyde)

Clyde: (To Spectur & Spiryt) What are you doing here?

Spectur: Well, isn't it obvious? Making sure the others don't find you two, especially YoshiEgg...

Clyde: What did you do to the others?

Spectur: Oh, don't worry about them... A few of them are on Laser Tagged, which is more or less in ruins by now...

(YE gives a growl and puts his finger on the blaster's trigger)

Spectur: Oh, is someone angry? Well, you're not about to be...

(Spiryt puts his palms out in front of him as a vortex of ghosts launches at the two friends. Before it reaches them, something jumps out in front of them and deflects the votex back at Spectur and Spiryt, then lands on it's feet. As the smoke from the vortex clears, the figure reveals itself to be Ghoularry, who then goes next to the two heroes.)

Spectur: (Wiping dust off of himself) Ah, Ghoularry... You're the only Amighost who was left in the mansion, except for your bat friend. I think he went to go "fight crime" or something. Heh. Pitiful.

Clyde: Want some more pain, 'cuz we got a ton in store for you!

(YE shoots his Laser Blaster 3 times, once at Spectur, once at Spiryt, and once in between the two, creating a big explosion.)

(They wait for about 10 seconds, then YE swiftly points behind him, signaling Clyde & Ghoularry to go while he waits there, which they do. YE waits for a few more seconds, gives one more Laser Blast, then runs after Clyde & Ghoularry.)

Back on Laser Tagged...

(Item Master is seen sitting with Rain while McBoo, Rhode, and Bloop are sitting in the corner of the cave)

Item Master: Rain, I have a question...

Rain: What is it, mister Item Master?

Item Master: Are you... Artificial?

Rain: Huh?

Item Master: I mean, were you made by your mommy and daddy or were you made by something else?

Rain: (Beginning to worry) Uumm... Um... Well... Uhh...

(Before Rain can say anything, CrackedEgg bursts through the cave's walls, gliding like he always does, and snatches Rain, then zooms right back out)

Rhode: Hey!! No!!

(The group all go after them)

(Running) Item Master: Hey, come back here with Rain!!

CrackedEgg: My mission must be completed...

Rain: Mister Item Master! Help!!

CrackedEgg: My objective... My...

Item Master: (Calling to Rhode and the others) Rhode! McBoo! Bloop! Get him! He's got Rain!

(Rhode and the others notice, then start running)

Rhode: We... We can't catch up!

McBoo: You're too far ahead!

Bloop: Quick! Get him!

CrackedEgg: No! Stay back! My mission must be completed! I can't have any more interferences...

(CrackedEgg begins to fly into the sky until Item Master grabs him by the foot and drags him to the ground. CE drops Rain and she runs back to Rhode.)

CrackedEgg: (On the ground) Give me the girl. You don't understand the consequences of what you're doing...

Item Master: Oh, I understand the consequences...

(Item Master takes out a Volt Shroom and is about to shove it into CE's mouth until CE flies away. Then, Item Master runs back and Rain hugs him)

Rain: Oh, Mister Item Master! You did it! You made him go away!

(Suddenly, Rain's eyes flickered a blood red color, then they closed.)


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