PROGRAMMED BY YoshiEgg (tbc)

Back on Laser Tagged...

McBoo: (Whispering to Rhode and Item Master in a huddle while Rain is sitting in the corner) The stone is manipulating her. Like, possessing her. I should know. I'm a Boo, after all...

Rhode: (All whispering) Well, what can we do about it?

McBoo: I don't know. Something's triggering the spirit inside her. We need to find out what that it first.

Item Master: Should we tell her she's possessed?

Rhode: No! She's just a little girl! She can't handle this!

Item Master: Then what do you suggest we do? If we don't tell her, it'll just stay a big mystery to her. We don't want to lie...

McBoo: I think we have to keep it under wraps for now. Like Rhode said, she's just a little girl.

Item Master: (Sighs) Alright. What's our cover story?

Rhode: We should tell her that we just don't know.

McBoo: OK.

(Rhode, McBoo, and Item Master break out of their huddle and turn to Rain.)

Rhode: We don't know what happened, Rain. We're sorry.

Rain: But didn't mister McBoo over there say he knew what was wrong with me?

McBoo: I thought I did. I'm sorry, Rain, but there's nothing we can do. I think you should just get rid of that stone...'

Rain: (Frantic) No!! I love this stone!! It's mine!! You can't make me!!!

McBoo: OK... OK... Fine...

Somewhere in The Mushroom Kingdom...

(YoshiEgg Nook is riding on Clyde. They are both silent and determined as they are speeding away from a giant, black time hole.)

Clyde: (Running) I'd ask you what that thing is, but you probably already know... And you couldn't answer, anyway...

(YoshiEgg nods, but doesn't look at Clyde, but instead looks forward, determined)

Clyde: You OK?

(YoshiEgg nods again)

Clyde: I can't believe it. Time seems to be falling apart at a bloody alarming rate...

YE: Yup.

(The black time hole seems to fall behind)

Clyde: Oh, thank the Tartan Army! The hole fell back)

(YE has a look of relief and glee on his face)

Clyde: C'mon, let's go...

Back in the Mushroom Sea...

PKB: Quick, man! Swim away!!

(Bloop is silent for a few seconds, then begins to swim towards the time hole)

PKB: What are you doing?!? I know I screwed up earlier, but we need to get out of here NOW! Get back here!!

Bloop: Look, I need to find my parents. That black Time Hole must've gotten them. If I don't come back, tell YoshiEgg that I did it for my mom and dad.

(Bloop is about to go into the Time Hole, but PKB pulls him back)

PKB: No. I can't let you. No one even knows where YoshiEgg is. We haven't seen him for weeks. If he finds out I let you kill yourself, I'll never forgive myself. Bloop, you can't do this...

Bloop: (Pauses, then turns back for a second) I have to...

(Bloop dives into the black Time Hole as PKB salutes him, then PKB swims away as the Time Hole rapidly expands)

Back on Laser Tagged...

(Rain and Rhode are sitting alone in the cave while Item Master and McBoo are talking outside)

Rain: Mister Rhode?

Rhode: Yes?

Rain: Am I gonna' die?

Rhode: No! Of course you're not gonna' die - uh - sweetie! Where'd you get an idea like that?

Rain: My stone tells me things, mister Rhode. It told me I'm gonna' die.

Rhode: What?! Your stone... Talks to you?

Rain: Yeah... And it told me that the great orange hero is gonna' come, too...

Rhode: Great orange hero?

Rhode: (Thinking to himself) Maybe she IS possessed...

(Suddenly, Bloop pops out of thin air and lands on the ground next to Rhode)

Bloop: Mom?! Dad?!

Rhode: Bloop?!?

Rain: There he is, mister Rhode! There's the great orange hero!!

Bloop: (Bows head in disappointment) It was all an illusion... My parents were never even there... Rhode, where the heck am I?

Rhode: Laser Tagged. Me and Item Master came here a couple weeks ago to try and get some technology, but the whole place was ruined. Then, we saw CrackedEgg chasing poor Rain... Bloop, meet Rain Nook. She's a... Special little girl... CrackedEgg was trying to steal her stone...

Rain: Nice to meet you, mister Bloop!

Bloop: Nice to meet you, too, Rain!

Rhode: Uh, Bloop. Can I talk to you outside for a sec. Item Master and McBoo are out there, too...

Bloop: OK. (Bloop and Rhode step outside. Rain begins to hold her precious stone close to her heart)

Rhode: Look who we found...

McBoo: Bloop! Thank God you're here... Where's YoshiEgg?

Bloop: Gone. I haven't seen him in days... I was at the beach when Purple Koopa Bro. washed up on the beach. Then, this huge tsunami came and I dove in because I thought I heard my parent's voices in there. So, me and PKB were swimming until he saw this shiny bubble, and he went over to it like some kind of moth in a trance or something. When he touched it, it turned into this huge black Time Hole. I assumed that my parents had gotten sucked up by that, so me and PKB split up for a while. And, somehow, I ended up here.

Item Master: Weird... But, not as weird as Rain... (All begin to hush a little)

Bloop: Why? She looks like an innocent little girl...

McBoo: We think she's possessed by something.

Rhode: It's in that stone of her's, we assume... It says something on the back - I think about "lost souls" or something - and she freaked out. These weird energy beams shot out of her eyes and mouth and she started floating. Then, she just ran away. She came back and apologized, but I think there's no way it can't happen again...

Bloop: Woah... I'll have to see this one for myself...

McBoo: Yeah... But, I doubt you'll want to...

Bloop: Why?

McBoo: Because the thing manipulating her will want to find a new host. And you ARE the Hero of the Sea...

Bloop: So, it wants to possess heroes?

McBoo: Most likely. At least more than seven year-old girls...


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