PROGRAMMED BY YoshiEgg (tbc)

(Camera zooms onto Bloop, who is relaxing on a beach.)

Bloop: What a beautiful day... This is amazing. I finally get to relax...

(Suddenly, Purple Koopa Bro. gets washed up on the beach. Bloop notices and rushes to his rescue.)

Bloop: PKB!

PKB: (Choking on water) B-Bloop... Thank god... We-we don't have much time...

Bloop: For what?

(Suddenly, a huge tsunami forms in front of PKB and Bloop)

Bloop: Oh... That...

(PKB and Bloop begin to run from the tsunami until Bloop hears voices from the water)

Voices: Bloop! Bloop! Oh, Bloop! It's us! It's mommy and daddy!

Bloop: (Running, in his case gliding) My parents! They're alive! (Slows down)

PKB: (Running) No time, buddy! We've gotta' go before this thing crushes us!!

Bloop: (Gliding) I've gotta' go in there! My parents! They need me!

PKB: (Running) Are you insane?! You'll get killed by all the floating debris!

Bloop: (Gliding) Not as long as you're with me...

PKB: (Running) What?! No!! I'm not going in...

(Bloop stops, takes PKB's arm, and torpedo-dives into the raging tsunami)

Back on Laser Tagged...

Rhode: What did it all mean?

Item Master: I just don't know, but whatever it is, it ain't good...

Rhode: Yeah. I think we all know that...

(A knocking sound is heard on the cave wall)

????: Hello? Mister Rhode? Mister Item Master?

(Rhode and Item Master stare at eachother for a second, then go to the cave opening to see Rain)

Rain: Hi.

Rhode: Hey...

Rain: I'm sorry about what happened earlier, mister Rhode.

Rhode: What did happen earlier?

Rain: Please forgive me, mister Rhode. It just happens sometimes. I don't know why. My mind just feels... Feels...

????: (In the distance) Cracked?

Rain: Who said that?

????: Over here.

(Rain, Rhode, and Item Master turn to see a slightly transparent McBoo floating in the corner)

McBoo: I know what your problem is, Rain...

Somewhere in the Mushroom Sea...

Bloop: (Swimming and dodging debris) Mom?! Dad?! Are you here?

PKB: And how can I breathe under here, again?

Bloop: As long as your with me, you just... Can.

PKB: Weird... And, you've never even mentioned your parents before? Why are you so urgent to find them?

Bloop: See, my parents abandoned me when I was born. It was all The Groo's fault. He messed everything up in this ocean... I've been searching for them for years...

PKB: Hey, what's that?

( The sea suddenly becomes calm and Bloop and PKB come upon a floating bubble of light)

Bloop: I dunno'...

(PKB swims over to the bubble)

Bloop: Wait!! Don't touch it! What are you doing?!

PKB: I... Can't help it... I'm drawn to it... Like a moth...

Bloop: (Swims after PKB) Stop! You don't know what it is!!

(PKB reaches his hand out to the bubble and touches it lightly with one finger for a second, then turns back to Bloop)

PKB: See? No harm done! Everything's just fi...

(Suddenly, the bubble turns black and a huge black time hole forms out of it)


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