PROGRAMMED BY YoshiEgg (tbc)

Somewhere on Laser Tagged...

(CrackedEgg Nook is seen gliding very fast over what used to be the Laser Tagged space station and is now in ruins, chasing a little pink Tanooki girl with blue eyes. She has a stone in her hand and is practically crying while she is running.)

Pink Tanooki: (Running) No! You can't have it! I won't let you!!

CrackedEgg: (Gliding) Resistance is futile. My objective is clear. Give me the stone or parish.

(The pink Tanooki stumbles a bit, then falls on the ground and cries. CrackedEgg stops above her and snatches the stone from her hand, gives her a light kick in the head, and glides away as she is still crying.)

Pink Tanooki: (Weeping) No!! Come back!! No!!!

(Suddenly, Rhode appears on the screen and runs after CrackedEgg, along with Item Master on his back. As they pass the Pink Tanooki, Item Master grabs her and puts her next to him.)

Item Master: (Yelling) I want you to hold on as tight as you can!

Pink Tanooki: (Nods head, astonished)

(Rhode, with the two on his back, comes behind CrackedEgg and slashes him three times with his Keyblade. CrackedEgg then gets KO'd and Rhode takes the stone back. Rhode, Item Master, and the Pink Tanooki go on running until they reach a cave in the debris. Rhode sets the two down.)

Rhode: What's your name, sweetie?

Pink Tanooki: My name is Rain, mister.

Rhode: My name's Rhode and this is Item Master. We're gonna' help you out, OK?

Rain: OK...

Item Master: (Hands Rain a Mushroom) Here, eat this.

Rain: (Eats Mushroom) Yummy!

Item Master: I thought you'd like it. Now, here's that rock... (Hands Rain the stone.)

Rain: Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Rhode: You're welcome. So, how old are you, Rain?

Rain: I'm seven, mister Rhode. Say, what's with all that armor?

Rhode: I'm what they call a warrior. A knight.

Rain: Ooh! Do you save pretty princesses?

Rhode: (Laughs) No. I do... Other things...

Rain: And what do you do, Item Master?

Item Master: well, I do what my name suggests! I sell Items, like that Mushroom you just had!

Rain: Neat!!

Rhode: Now, why did that mean Tanooki who was chasing you want your rock so bad?

Rain: He said it was his "objective" or something. It's a very nice stone. My daddy gave it to me. That guy was scary, mister Rhode! He had a big crack on his face!

Rhode: We know, honey, we know. We've encountered him before...

Item Master: And if he ever tries to get you again, you tell us, OK?

Rain: OK! I promise!

Rhode: Good. Now, you're gonna' stay with us tonight. Then, we'll find your parents.

Rain: Oh, my parents are gone, mister Rhode.

Rhode: Oh. I see. I'm very sorry. Can I take a look at your stone?

Rain: OK! (Gives Rhode the stone)

(Rhode is holding the stone. He turns it around and sees letters engraved on the rock. the letters say "The restless soul sleeps for no one...")

Rhode: What do the words on it mean, Rain?

Rain: I don't know, mister Rhode. I always liked them, though. They help me go to sleep at night.

(Rhode is clutching the stone until it begins to burn. Rhode yelps and drops the stone as the letters begin to glow. Suddenly, Rain's eyes and mouth become hollow and energy shoots out of them as she levitates. The cave of debris begins to collapse, so Rhode and Item Master storm out. After a few seconds, the energy blasts stop. Rain then walks out of the cave, normal, holding the stone as the cave collapses behind her. She barely glances at Rhode and Item Master as she passes by them, then runs away, beginning to cry again.)




Rain Nook

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