YoshiEgg & CrackedEgg: The Staff of the Dead is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edt except for spelling errors. Like the
YE&CE The Staff of the Dead Cover Art

The cover art for the game.

previous YE & Bloop games, it is for the Wii, uses WiiAchieve, and is compatible with the Wii Zapper.


It was a day like any other day for YoshiEgg Nook. He was cleaning up Time Holes, like always, this time by his McBoo's Mansion Shack Home. Bloop was nowhere to be seen, but YE expected that he'd be back tomorrow. Suddenly, an abnormaly large Time Hole opened up in front of him. This was peculiar to YE. He stared at it for a half a minute, then got his Laser Blaster ready to begin shooting it, until CrackedEgg came out of a Time Hole that opened up behind him and ambushed him. There was a short brawl until CrackedEgg was down, seemingly unconscious. YE was going to finish the job once and for all with a Laser Blast straight to the head when CrackedEgg devilishly smiles and floated up, kicking YE in the head while doing so. CrackedEgg knocked YoshiEgg's Laser Blaster out of his hand and put it in his. As CrackedEgg was about to finish the job on YE's part, the sky got dark and a huge hole in the ground formed under YE & CE. The two bitter rivals fell to their doom, not knowing where the abyss-like crevice would take them...

The two enemies ended up together in an odd an creepy area that slightly resembled a graveyard without tombstones. The sky was dark. YE & CE looked around, then looked at each other. Where were they? And why were they here? Suddenly, a black staff with a green-eyed Dry Bones's head stuck on the top appeared before the two.

More to come...

Playable Characters


More to come...












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