YoshiEgg & Bloop: Laser Tagged
Developer(s) Bomb Productions Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Wii
Release Date(s)
Japan: TBA
Europe: TBA
Story, Single Player, Multiplayer, Nintendo WFC
Age Rating(s)
US: T for Teen

More to come...

Genre(s) 3rd Person Shooter/Platformer

YoshiEgg & Bloop: Laser Tagged (Also known as YoshiEgg & Bloop: Galactic Arsenal) is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. Like it's predecessors, it uses the WiiAchieve feature and is also a Wii exclusive. Unlike the games before it, it is compatible with the Wii Zapper as well as the WiiMote and Nunchuck. Not much is known about it yet.


CrackedEgg was seemingly destroyed, as were Overman Supreme and his goons. YoshiEgg Nook & Bloop were once again shooting the remaining time holes. Suddenly, a giant purple time hole opened up in front of the two friends. Amazed, the two started shooting it violently. After a couple shots, the time hole made a deafening roar and sucked the two into a strange world that resembled the HUB level in YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time. Item Master, along with RoboEgg Nooktron 1000, greeted YE & Bloop and told them they had been in space on the HUB level when CrackedEgg and Overman Supreme invaded and summoned a vortex of ghosts. Then, they ended up in a deeper part of space called Laser Tagged, which is where they presently were. Suddenly, a new face appeared with a bunch of metallic, circular devices in hand. He stopped in front of the friends. "Well, hey, hey, hey!" said the quite interesting fellow, who was revealed to be an Assailant, "I'm A. S. Sailant! Welcome to Laser Tagged! Are you interested in the competition?" "What competition?" asked Bloop. "Good question!" said Sailant, "There's a Laser Tag competition going on here! You can compete with your friends! But, since you seem to be on a journey, I won't bother you. But, here's some absorbers, just in case..." Sailant handed all of them the cirular devices and they latched themselves onto thier stomachs, then disappeared inside them. "Why are they called absorbers?" asked Bloop. "Another good question!" said Sailant, "They absorb hits from a Laser Blaster and convert them into numbers, which the counter counts on the device's screen! When your counter runs out... Ooh, boy! You're in for some serious pain! The last one standing wins!" After thanking A. S., our heroes left, equipped with their absorbers, to take a ride on a strange spaceship when they were confronted by CrackedEgg. "CrackedEgg!" exclaimed Bloop. YE & Bloop got out their laser blasters until CrackedEgg put his hand up as if to stop them and threw YoshiEgg a holograph porjecter as he ran away. YE pushed a red button on the projecter and a projection of Overman Supreme came up. "Hello once again, YoshiEgg Nook..." said the Overman projection, "Remember me? I trust that you do... Anyways, I have invaded the peaceful, dull space sector of Laser Tagged. My Assailants are multiplying and creating new species while storming every planet in the sector. We have your friends again, and after we take over Laser Tagged, we'll you for your world, then the galaxy. Hopefully, this will be the last time we meet until CrackedEgg 'takes care of you', so goodbye forever, YoshiEgg Nook, and have a horrible life..." Then, the projection disappeared and the projector broke in half. So, YoshiEgg Nook & Bloop, once again, had to rescue their freinds and save the galaxy, this time in a whole new sector of space...

Playable Characters

  • YoshiEgg Nook (Default)
  • Bloop (Default)
  • The Groo - Defeat him at Grootopia the Second and let him join your team.
  • McBoo - Rescue him from The Devil's Playroom.
  • Tulip Nook - Rescue her from Lover's Memory.
  • Clyde - Rescue him from the secret area in Twisted Kingdom.
  • M'Icho - Rescue him from Planet Time.
  • Purple Koopa Bro. - Rescue him from Laser Tagged.

Important NPCs

  • Item Master - The key shopkeeper. He took RoboEgg Nooktron 1000 under his wing and he helps Item Master around the shop.
  • A. S. Sailant - The operator of the Laser Tag competition on the Laser Tagged Space Station. (HUB level.)



The gameplay is more or less the same as the Ratchet & Clank series, but this time with a more Laser Tag feel to it. Ally characters and other players online and in multiplayer have absorbers attactched to them so they don't recieve damage from the blasts until their counter reaches a certain number.


  • Wrench - From the other games, the wrench returns with no upgrades. (Talk about going back to the basics!)
  • Laser Blaster - The traditional laser blaster returns with a few upgrades, such as increased heat to the blasts and the all-important absorber for ally characters/other players.
  • Dual Laser Blasters - Smaller laser blasters that shoot more ammo than a single blaster.
  • Bazooka - The powerful bazooka returns with upgrades, such as bigger blasts, the absorber, and longer stun-time for the stronger enemies.
  • Gear Blasters - One of the two new weapons featured in the game. It shoots three sharp and fast-moving gears that can kill multiple enemies at a time and come back to you like boomerangs.
  • Shock Blaster - The other new weapon featured in the game that shoot electric laser blasts that take away two numbers off of the other's counter and deals a considerable amount of damage to enemies.


Wii Zapper

B: Shoot Laser Blaster or other weapons/Swing Wrench/Talk/Select

Nunchuck Control Stick: Move/Aim

+: Pause/Unpause

-: Switch Weapons

C: Jump Shake Wii Zapper: Replenish Ammo

A+Nunchuck Control Stick: Move camera/Zoom in/out

Wii Control & Nunchuck

A Button: Talk/Select/Jump

B Button: Shoot/Swing Wrench/Back

Move WiiMote: Aim

+: Pause

-: Switch Weapons

Nunchuck Control Stick: Move

Z: Zoom In/Out

C: Replenish Ammo


Achievement: How to Achieve:
You just got Laser Tagged! Kill your first enemy.
Welcome to space... Again... Make it to the HUB level.
Assailant assailant Kill your first Assailant.
Terrible Trio Let The Groo join your team.
Laser Tagger on Laser Tagged Take part in the Laser Tag competition.
McBoo'd Have McBoo join your team.
Double Trouble Buy the Dual Laser Blasters.
Flower Power Have Tulip join your team.
Lean, Mean, Not So Green Have Clyde join your team.
The Big Guns Buy the Bazooka.
Black Tanooki on Planet Time Have M'Icho join your team.
Sharp and Metallic... Just the way I like it... Buy the Gear Blasters.
ZAP!!! Buy the Shock Blaster.
The only TRUE Ninjakoopa Have Purple Koopa Bro. join your team
Final Destination Go to Laser Tagged
You Beated It! Beat the game
Hardcore Beat the Boss Battles mode
Harder Hardcore Beat the Boss Battles mode on Hard difficulty
Again! Again! Beat the game twice
Dual Master Use both control options

Multiplayer/Nintendo WFC

Using the Multiplayer mode, you can play with your friends using the currently available playable characters. Using Nintendo WFC, you can play with your friends and other people online and compete in tournaments.


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