YoshiEgg & Bloop: Cove of Thieves is a game by Bomb Productions Games. Since it is a Bomb Production, please do not edit except for spelling errors. It is a game in the increasingly popular YoshiEgg & Bloop sub-series and it was a Nintendo Wii exclusive until it was ported with enhanced graphics for the Hybrid Fusion as Cove of Thieves Fusion. Like all other games in the YoshiEgg & Bloop sub-series, it uses WiiAchieve and is compatible with the Wii Zapper. However, unlike most YoshiEgg & Bloop games, it is also compatible with the WiiMotion Plus accessory and the majority of the game takes place in The Mushroom World rather than in space. It also has a greatly updated online multiplayer mode, complete with a character creator. It is set for a December 23rd release date, the very same day that YoshiEgg & Bloop: A Crack in Time was released just a year before.



Once upon a time, there lived a wealthy Craw trader named Irshnim. Irshnim settled himself in an area between the Mushroom Kingdom and the kingdom of Hyrule, which was the site of a future event. Irshnim, though his little trading shack was doing moderately well, it still was less successful than the others in the land. If he didn't step his game up somehow, the other shacks would outsell his own, causing him to go out of business and, eventually, have to leave the land for good, considering that he would otherwise have to spend his life on the streets. So, Irshnim had a very risky idea. In exchange for money and other various goods, Irshnim would complete quests for whoever came to him with one. He set up his new business, "Task Taker", with haste, and, at first, no new business had been attracted. However, later that day, a promising customer showed up. This customer wore a black cape, but it was obvious that he was a bulky Koopa. The customer told Irshnim that if he would retrieve the Star Spirit Muskular, he would share the Star Spirit's power with him. This was an offer that Irshnim couldn't refuse. Irshnim accepted and told the customer to wait where he was while he captured Muskular. Muskular, according the the customer, was currently located in a cave because of his recent "vision quest" that he was sent on. Muskular would be at his highest point of power because meditating, a typical practice during vision quests, required him to focus all of his power to a central point. After about an hour of walking, Irshnim came upon the Star Spirit's cave. He crept into the cave and witnessed Muskular in his meditation state. He was glowing with power. Now was his chance. Irshnim sprinted over to the Star Spirit and captured him in a magic bottle that he had traded with a previous customer from his first job. Muskular, within the bottle and unable to escape, was taken with Irshnim back to the town. Upon arriving back at his shack, Irshnim immediately noticed that his mysterious customer was no longer there. However, just seconds later, another cloaked figure appeared, this one's species unknown. This figure snatched the bottle, then told Irshnim that he had been tricked and that if he didn't do what he said, he would have the Star Spirit kill him. The figure told Irshnim that he had to go with him to the neighboring Berry Kingdom to kidnap the prince of said kingdom, Prince Plum. Considering that Irshnim had no say in the matter, he agreed to go. Irshnim and the figure walked for a few hours until they reached Plum's Castle. In the castle was Prince Plum. Prince Plum was a rather spoiled prince, but he never let it get to his head. He was noble and polite, but for all his life, he had always wanted to be an adventurer. However, princes aren't allowed to go on adventures because they might get hurt or killed. Therefore, Prince Plum was never allowed outside of his castle. Soon, Irshnim and the figure stormed into Plum's castle. A short battle ensued between the butlers of the castle and the figure, but the figure defeated all of them. Then, he uttered a few incomprehensible words and, suddenly, Prince Plum was turned into a strange cap with the head of a bird. Irshnim was appauled at what was happening before him. Then, the figure told Irshnim to open the magic bottle, point it at Plum, and suck him inside of it. He also told him that if they had contained him in the bottle in human form, the combined power of Muskular and Plum would break the bottle. Irshnim did as he was told and Plum was then contained inside of the bottle. Before anyone could catch them, Irshnim and the figure ran out of the castle and back to the town. Upon arriving at the town, the figure ordered Irshnim to put the bottle back in the cave and then seal the cave with rocks. However, this time Irshnim disobeyed orders and said that he was done doing the figure's bidding. This angered the figure, so the figure decided to banish Irshnim to the Cove of Thieves, a mysterious island in the middle of the Mushroom Sea inhabited by thieves, angry natives, and dangerous creatures, a fate possibly worse than death. But, upon transporting Irshnim to the Cove of Thieves, the figure forgot that Irshnim was still holding the bottle. Now, there was no way of getting Irshnim or the bottle back, for the figure wouldn't dare go to the Cove of Thieves. So, the figure fled town, never to be seen again.

Story - Present Day:



In the online multiplayer mode, you can create your own character, as well as play as the following characters in both online, multiplayer, and story mode. Here are the characters in story mode...


Like other games in the sub-series, the gameplay is more or less the same as the Ratchet & Clank series. However, the gameplay now differs from YoshiEgg & Bloop: Laser Tagged greatly. Characters now lack absorbers, but there is an added Laser Tag mode in Story, Multiplayer, and Online Multiplayer mode that is more or less the same as in Laser Tagged.

More to come...


  • Wrench - From the other games, the wrench returns with no upgrades. (Talk about going back to the basics!)
  • Coconut Guns - Dual guns that shoot coconuts that the native Kongs invented.
  • Laser Blaster - The traditional laser blaster returns with a few upgrades.
  • Dual Laser Blasters - Smaller laser blasters that shoot more ammo than a single blaster.
  • Bazooka - The weapon you know and love from the other games. It comes with many upgrades and is a powerhouse weapon.
  • Gear Blasters - From Laser Tagged, the Gear Blasters shoot sharp, multiple enemy-killing gears that come right back to you. This comes with a few upgrades.
  • Shock Blaster - Also from Laser Tagged, this weapon shoots blasts of powerful electricity at foes to stun them. Deals a considerable amount of damage.
  • Time Hole Blaster - A new weapon that blasts small, black Time Holes at foes that deal continuing amounts of damage for four seconds.
  • Pulsation Gloves - A pair of mighty metal gloves that, aside from making you able to deal powerful blows to enemies, allows you to shoot blasts of sonic pulsator waves that both stun and blow back enemies. Though it comes with only one upgrade, it's worth it.
  • F.L.U.D.D. P.O.W.E.R. - A prototype for the new version of F.L.U.D.D. that shoots long, powerful blasts of water that deal a ton of damage to foes. Comes with a few upgrades.


Wii Zapper

B: Shoot Laser Blaster or other weapons/Swing Wrench/Talk/Select

Nunchuck Control Stick: Move/Aim

+: Pause/Unpause

-: Switch Weapons

C: Jump Shake Wii Zapper: Replenish Ammo

A+Nunchuck Control Stick: Move camera/Zoom in/out

Wii Control & Nunchuck

A Button: Talk/Select/Jump

B Button: Shoot/Swing Wrench/Back

Move WiiMote: Aim

+: Pause

-: Switch Weapons

Nunchuck Control Stick: Move

Z: Zoom In/Out

C: Replenish Ammo

Nintendo WFC:

Using Nintendo WFC, you can now create your own custom character from a variety of species, colors, etc., as well as use the available playable characters. Using your online character and/or the playable characters, you can battle your friends online in Classic or Laser Tag mode, join tournaments of up to thirty players, and compare rankings.



Cove of Thieves Fusion

Cove of Thieves Fusion is an updated version of the game ported onto the Hybrid Fusion with updated graphics, sounds, and Wi-Fi capabilities.


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